Stone Titan – Scratch ‘N Sniff

Artist: Stone Titan
title: Scratch ‘N Sniff
format: 12” (limited to 300)
keywords: punk, rock, doom, garage, psychedelic, punk, sludge, stoner rock
reviewer: Willem van O.

Stone Titan’s scratch ‘n sniff is like a train wreck pushed by a angry gigantic corps-painted loud mouthed garden gnome with guitars, screaming, kicking drums and Shit. The music is out in the extreme pissing in the throat of perfect son-in-law Marilyn Manson with a whole new brand of shock and horror.

It’s a bloody mess really this Stone Titan band, but this mess is also by definition its very own strongest point. The use of noises and electric guitar as depressing layers of more painful noises are seriously taking care for an upcoming migraine; it’s like being trapped in an overwhelming sea of distaste and finding some kind of beauty in it. If there is a beauty included; it would probably be reduced to just a bag of bones, because the nastiness seems to be so relentless limitless that no beauty should really survive.

Eating stones is probably more pleasant than listening to this album, which makes it one of these ‘strong’ classics to play to your friends and family to show how f#cked up you must be appreciating this ‘Scratch ‘n sniff’ album.

It’s the music you want to hear if you have a disgust of yourself. You feel like beating yourself up or throwing your own body down the stairs? Don’t do it: and listen to these fine tracks instead… (Saves you a visit to the doctor or a mental ward)

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