Artist: Huh?
title: –
cat: UT3
keywords: improvisation, minimal
label: Unlistenable Music

Huh? is 1/3rd of the brain power behind ZOG. All of these pieces are short improvised snippets on a keyboard, but we couldn’t hear what was coming out of the keys and this is what resulted.

…ah, that sounds.. Refreshingly weird. First of all who or what is ZOG? 1/3rd of a body without ears? A band? Or just ears and fingers without head, brain and other functions? Huh.. This tiny little info text is just one big question mark. Why is Huh? Not able to hear things when pressing these keys? Technical problems? problems with the ears? Indeed the lack of ears? mental problems or just conceptual problems? Only Huh? Would know but did not give this vital information so we probably would be ‘huh?’ Ourselves.

And does this mean that these audio snippets are worth our own ears if they weren’t even gone through a quality check from the creators ears?
The only way to know is to listen to it, but conceptual wise that would probably the most formalist thing to do over here. I think we should review these tracks without listening; no ears allowed and just maybe even type random on the keys without seeing what I am typing. But I think that would push the envelope conceptual wise simply a bit too far. I mean after all it’s all about not using the ears and 2/3rd of a ZOG (whatever that is). So let’s type correctly and review these ‘snippets’ without actual hearing it. Basically the review will not change much from one coming from more official music critics.. Let’s see.. (but not hear!)

The first track is called ‘hello’ and it features vinyl crackles. The keys are played randomly and sound a bit like Ray Charles on a rampage in art land. Pling ploing ploing’ is the genre and the choice of sound is extra ordinarily. A bit of a cracky crack pot playing the keys with its toes and farting out stupidity. Pretty good for a music piece done without ears and (if I might say so) also a nice description of a track my ears do not hear.

What we have next is ‘maybe’ in which there can be heard probably something more doubtful. Will the Huh? stop this stupid experiment of not hearing and pressing keys and recording it all for us not to hear it and write some shit about it? Nah, I guess not as it will be released on a netlabel named ‘unlistenable music’ which probably suggest that nobody in their right mind should actually listen to it. But let’s be positive; you don’t need to listen to review it or download. You can just download it and than putting it in some folder to dust away and never actually play it.

Anyway let’s continue describing a track my ears conceptually refuse to hear and let’s write something stupid that this track (maybe) sounds like avant-garde polka with a top notch twist of hokey pokey music. Let’s add some juice and lie that it’s absolutely beautiful. Who knows; maybe it is actually beautiful. I’m never going to find out, but you might if you want.. only that would ruin the fun really..

Moving on to the next track that is called ‘Book’ which features more heavy vinyl crackles and is probably created by stapling books on top of the keys of a keyboard. Might this be a case of tones that hang themselves in order to create heavy ambient? The result is yet fantastic, too bad we can only think about it without actually hearing it. I really like to imagine that there is a random rock beat and a classical keyboard violin in the mix; I’m sure there isn’t, but there is doubt; imagine if there was…

After this track that we didn’t hear we can not hear the next one which is called ‘Face’ , which is probably 2/3rd of ZOG banging the 1/3rd of ZOG’s face on the keyboard creating a random happy sound that makes me dream of kangaroos in a boxing ring. I’m not hearing the music but I imagine it being the sound of a graceful beating translated in honkey tonk keyboard keys.

The last track I will review before switching on my ability to hear again is named ‘Rise’. It’s without hearing the crown of this release. The keyboard keys have been played up and down but mostly up and even though it didn’t got into my ears; it is a beauty.

So if you want to know if it is a good album I simply have no idea how to answer that as I did not hear it. But I recommend downloading; but to not listen to it. You just imagine how the tracks would sound like for yourself. Make it something good. Maybe in your world the music sounds like a marriage of Michael Jackson with a rapping Chris Rock.. Or might it be a classical masterpiece featuring Pavarotti? Whatever you do, listen to it without using your ears…

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