Miss Von Trapp – Grave Folk

Artist: Miss Von Trapp
Title: Grave Folk
keywords: alternative, dark cabaret, folk, gothic, cello, steampunk, vaudeville
website: http://www.missvontrapp.com/

Since having Jake and Andy over for a interesting chat about their Weirdest Band In The World activities, my eyes had been keeping and peeking at their weird news announcements in the hope to discover an artist that would drop an fabulous album that might sound interesting to you (our lovable Yeah I Know It Sucks reader).

Because our mailbox is simply flooding by artists that claim that their music sucks enough for us to ‘review’ it, it is almost a rarity to have time to let our juicy judgmental ears go over a Weirdest Band Of The World recommendation.

But today I personally point a big middle finger to the flood stream of shitty requests messing up our digital mailbox with crap and indeed go for an album recommended by the online freak museum of quality weird music.

The album that was attracting me like a bear to a pot of honey and a fly to a pile of smelly sh…. Was of course the one so neatly described above my gibberish unnecessary lengthy introduction. But because you might be lazy to scroll all the way up again, I’ll just mention it here again for refreshing up the memory and just because it makes it looks more official.

*^* Grave Folk *^*
By: Miss Von Trapp

Was ‘Miss Von Trapp’ not a character in the traumatic youth experience ‘The Sound Of Music’ musical? I’m not sure and too lazy to go back to check and research, but if so; she gladly escaped and survived it to do something much more worthy!

^ This is Miss Von Trapp looking as hot as ever.

^ This is Miss Von Trapp looking as hot as ever.

Are you ready for a track by track walk through? If not than this might be the point to say ‘see ya later’ as whether or not you are ready; I am so ready right now. Really if there was a price for readiness for a track by track listen to this album by ‘Miss Von Trapp’ I would probably win it. I have no idea what the price would be, but probably a gravestone or simply just the joy of listening to ‘Grave Folk’.

The album starts with ‘There Was An Old Lady All Skin And Bone’ which makes me calm like a intrigued puppy listening with full attention to Miss Von Trapp’s educational story. The music gives it a pleasant feeling while the songwriting takes my ears along with the old lady who discovers a fact that might actually freak us all out. It’s a bit of a frightful revelation that comes close to that commercial band that sings ‘do you know that everyone you know will be death one day’ but the story by Miss Von Trapp just pushes the visual realization over the edge for an extra creepy crawling effect.

With a track like ‘I Love Tickling Little Kitty Cats’ I regret to promise a track by track walk-through as that might actually be like some idiot telling you the plot before you enter the cinema to see a movie you had looked forward too. It basically spoils your very own experience, so in this case instead of writing about this cute track you can just imagine your reviewer playing with a bunch of cute little kitty cats.

The third track ‘Of Vampire Strings’ had been featured on Morbid Ditties 2006 but is luckily resurrected for this perfect moment on the album. It is absolutely a pretty song with I guess a cello as it’s lovable music partner that joins Miss Von Trapp’s lovable vocal skills. I feel that this track makes gothic black into a bright cute color and vampires are the most sweetest inspirational sources out there. When I close my eyes I see Miss Von Trapp in a classic environment that makes me think of pirates with one eye and wooden boards from a harbor while our Miss Von Trap swings in a large flamboyant skirt through the crowd singing her song for anyone interested to hear it. It’s a self-secured sounding beauty of a song that you can only love…

The more tough story telling side of Miss Von Trapp comes back in ‘A Mother’s Lament’ which satisfies lovers for good black comedy as she delivers a comical tale on a flow of actually pretty nice sing along music. I feel that this song would be even more enjoyed with jugs full of a strong alcoholic beverage in a pub. The great story made me smile and laugh like a smelly toothless bum, which is of course a real recommendation for people that have doubts diving into this fun loving album. Do not have doubts! Expose your rotting teeth , or lack off! Miss Von Trapp’s music is worth it!

What follows is one mindful reading of ‘Francois Villon’s The Epitaph – Balade of The Hanged (F.Villon 1489)’ which is a beautiful poetic masterpiece so nicely dug up and redelivered with the grand carrying passionate voice of Miss Von Trapp. Being death never sounded so beautiful.

The ‘Isn’t It Grand To Be Bloody Well Dead’ is like the most positive song that I have ever heard describing the future of being dead. The hook ‘the longer you live, the sooner you bloody will die.’ is one that sticks in the head and makes you want to open a whisky and empty the bottle in your own liver. I know I must be a kitty cat too as I’m feeling slightly emotional while listening to this Irish song, but nonetheless it’s a good and cheerful kind of a emotion. Miss Von Trapp sings this song with a tough heart and laughs it away towards the end. A good spirit is captured here, and I’m not only talking about that whisky.

In the track named ‘Angry Birds’ Miss Von Trapp takes us outside as she sings what is going through her mind when walking to her work. If Alfred Hitchcock would have picked up this song he would probably made a whole horror movie around this little thoughtful thought.

‘After The Ball’ is a sensible deliverance of a more seasoned ballad featuring a glass eye, false teeth, fake leg and a wig. The story is sung by Miss Von Trapp in such a way that my ears had spooned up every word coming from her lungs. The music itself brought my own legs for a little lonely ballroom dancing towards the end.

The ‘Taxidermy Chocolate Bunny’ is a more lightweight song that lyrics wise gives this album the right ‘weird’ factor. Yet again I won’t spoil the beans of this funny and smart wtf kind of song, but you won’t look at chocolate bunny’s wrapped in thin foil the same

The last track is a final goodbye that goes production-wise inside your ears, travels through your veins and poisons you with great certainty. Death is just around the corner but isn’t it bloody grand?

Is ‘Folk Grave’ a weird album? Compared to everything that hits the (s)hitparade it probably is a black duck in the pool, but personally I think its not weird but more a smart and classy collection of interesting story telling songs and delivered by a strong characer with a full voice and magnificent cello skills.
Meet, hear and get Miss Von Trapp’s Grave Folk over at the following link:

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  1. Linda says:

    Hope I will be that entertained when I die! Very nice choice of review, no complaints here ^^

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