Genlevel – Back 2 Basics

Artist: Genlevel
title: Back 2 Basics
keywords: alternative, acid, electronic, techno, electronica
label: 4-4-2 label

Genlevel (not to be mistaken with evil genievel) is a master of hypnotic deep dance music. He stands in the ring with a whip directing flavors of synthetic acid into the right places while he taps a tight beat with his electrified feet. His ‘ Amateur Accounting’ is a very strong openings track for his last album dropped quite a while ago on the 4-4-2 label. Everything is orchestrated in the right effective places and the sounds will satisfy the finer taste buds of electronica lovers.

The second tune ‘In Transit’ gives a steady swing beat to begin with, while the artist feeds it deep sounds to make the track warm and spacious. But the lonely acid funk that manages to go and slide through while being itself is the main attraction.

A cool laid back chill pill & dance tune is ‘light year’ , it is more experimental in its approach than the previous heard tunes. It’s an arpeggio melody that pushes the borders over here as it goes against a fat sounding under layer of bass but the experiment works out superbly fine creating a science fictional feeling of emotion.

More bubbly and sparkly is ‘state lines’ which is in my personal view: the one! There is just nothing better than the flow of shiny sound that forms the perfect techno base with sweet deep synths underneath it and space accentuations. It’s a track that makes me dream of a couple of ravers in startrek costumes inside a Apollo space rocket.

This theme of future and retro space techno keeps me hooked in a tune named ‘Frack’. It has this spectacular space synth introduction before giving a perfect break and plunging in psychedelic acid heaven. Everyone’s favorite acid sounds are moving to each-other and even against which creates a smile on the face of people that are into this kind of music just the same as the once you can find on the ones printed on a happy pill.

Genlevel’s Back 2 Basics on a lovey 12″

More old-school is ‘whatever happened’ which features the 808 dreams with a deep baseline and acid wobs. They will make space for a melodic almost house break before diving back to a dance form that Genlevel is so well known for. A relaxed piano riff gives the tune a classic vibe which is for sentimental reasons a techno tear jerker.

‘Breath’ is more arpeggios at work to form a warm pretty melodic atmosphere. It is been followed by a sweetly played tone that gives it more love than it already had on its own. No beats here, but you might hear your own heartbeat pumping away anxiously while witnessing the music coming to life.

Dancing can then happen at the last track named ‘Flap’ which gives a bubbling base, some synth strings and of course the omissible beat the green light for a slight acid fest. When the music opens for a break; it introduces a darker melody that goes against the stream creating a good dance track for the fans of psychedelia with acid bubbles. It’s a bit short this record, but it might be just because I wish it was a bit longer. The album is available on 12” vinyl, CD-r and as a digital download over at the following kinky link:

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