z601 – Essential Mix

Artist: z601
Title: Essential Mix
Cat: DLR105
Keywords: essential sounds, experimental, mix, electronic, noise
Label: Deep Lake Records http://deeplakerecords.weebly.com/

z601. I had never heard of it but as you do; sometimes life can be unexpected. This ‘Essential Mix’ is a good example of a life captured that is being unexpected. It is so unexpected that it makes it hard for me to write about it, which on its own is already unexpected enough to inspect it with your own ears. This essential mix here is indeed essential for your day to refresh up your mind with interesting sounds that are obviously taken great care off by this mysterious sound artist.

The great combination from interesting more light weight sounds that expose themselves to the ones that are more rhythm based is for sure keeping the ears close to the speakers as it’s one interesting mix of quality sounds that is difficult to describe but very enjoyable too hear. Every second in this essential mix is cherished and taking care off, which gives this sound showcase a Devine taste of free luxury for sound lovers.

There are so much benefits to this actual essential mix that the list would be tremendously long. But qualities like uniqueness, no time for boredom, excitement are just a couple of things that could be hang on to this essential listening session. I know you can’t possibly trust a word you read on this blog, but in this case the truth is actually funnier than a sarcastic lie;
This is simply a really great and fun, original listening session that will present surprise after surprise.

One of the big bonus points is that even though being highly experimental sound wizardry; the mix is very easy listenable and would be fine for all generations, ages and lifestyles. A essential mix that you should give an essentially good listen. Which you may do so over at the following link:

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