Joe DeGeorge and J.S. Bach – In Glove With Bach

artist: Joe DeGeorge and J.S. Bach
Title: In Glove With Bach
keywords: experimental, classical, goof punk

Joe DeGeorge is rich of a remarkable music talent that suits his remarkable character. Not very long ago we had Dom Domes writing a very saxioul tinted ‘review’ for his saxy single ‘Made To Be Lovin’.Hearing the man’s work with my own ears; I had simply no choice than to go out in search for more music coming out of the magical world that is Joe DeGeorge.

The search wasn’t hard as his personal bandcamp was just a few clicks away. In no time my ears enjoyed a very lovely experimental side slipping out of the fingers from Dom Dones’s personal idol. Next to being awful good at playing the sax; Joe DeGeorge has some fine piano skills too.

You will be amazed with his skill to conquer the keys while performing 7 times a lovely piece of Bach named ‘Invention No. 8’. You might think upon reading this: why 7 times ‘Invention No. 8’ , and not 8 times? But Joe DeGeorge obviously likes too mess with our heads a little.

But do not think Joe DeGeorge is being lazy over here to do the same track over and over again; because it is nothing like that. It’s the sound of a musical scientist in love. In love with this piece by Bach that he wants to share it with the world with pure and good intentions. But as I wrote earlier he doesn’t performs the composition the easy way; Joe DeGeorge takes on a very interesting challenge while performing the piece that Bach himself was most proud off.

Bach was very fond of 'Invention No. 8'

Bach was very fond of ‘Invention No. 8’

Armed with seven different kind of gloves he plays the piano in a experiment that is simply unforgettable in its originality and of course musical results. I wish other talented piano players at home good luck doing what Joe DeGeorge does, because sound-wise it sounds nice but play-wise it ain’t easy!

Joe DeGeorge starts to play the piece with a pair of sans gloves, then latex gloves… So far so good.. The experiment goes on with Joe DeGeorge’s hands surrounded by thinsulate gloves and a relatively relaxed performance while wearing woolen knitted fingerless gloves.

It is here to see the ridiculous side of this hype that is the ‘ice bucket challenge’ as Joe DeGeorge shows how a real challenge is successfully executed with a dignity that is most Devine. Here is the moment when things are getting more excited in the experiment and the glove between Joe DeGeorge and Bach really becomes a intriguing master work.

Joe DeGeorge plays his beloved piece while wearing ski gloves..
And then most amazingly he goes on to deliver it successfully while he touches the piano keys with his hands in mittens…The most amazing part and obviously the highlight of executing this composition in the best possible way; Joe DeGeorge plays the delicate play while wearing boxing gloves!

It is that Joe DeGeorge his hands were inside the (for a piano player) gruesome boxing gloves; but I’m sure you could just imagine the musician sticking up a middle finger upon completion of the piece. If you didn’t respect Joe DeGeorge from his amazing sax skills, than you better start to give Joe DeGeorge his well-deserved respect! He boldly goes where no piano player has gone before.

Hear Joe DeGeorge doing a real challenge and believe the fine results over here:

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