Swin Deorin – No Dog Fouling EP

artist: Swin Deorin
title: No Dog Fouling EP
catL oz029
keywords: electronic
label: ozky e-sound Netlabel http://www.ozkyesound.altervista.org/

Someone knocks on the door and sounds persistent in making sure we will hear the firm distorted electric knocks. Before running to open it; the knocks starts to be filled up with other descent rhythmic factors and a perfect layer for flying purposes. It’s then that we notice that it isn’t someone at the door… but the actual tune ‘I Am Not Animal’ by Swin Deorin. A satisfying form of minimalism with balls, that knows exactly which rope to pull to lure you into a hammering trance.

Now that we know that it is audio provided by Swin Deorin, we can sit back and relax when a mysteriously deep weird voice appears in a wet and spacious , but yet Claustrophobic world. The voice starts to be chopped, hacked and trapped until a scream will break the spell. A pose of silence erupts until the voice returns talking to himself. It sounds utterly bizarre as if we are listening to someone who has conversations with himself and is doing its best to escape its own loneliness until he yet again get trapped and chopped-up in a audio editor. The ritual happens one more time (which comes across a bit as if it’s some kind of Groundhog Day) but gets more danceable towards the end. As if the chopped voice had decided to stay within the music and accepted the mission of living the oddball life. Thank Goth for that..

It’s enough acceptance to celebrate! Which is done in the most appropriate way by Swin Deorin; some excellent sweet tingling electronica. Cats and Boxes’ is lovely track with a cute sugar cubed melody and nicely done beat programming. It’s a track that makes me think of electronica wizards putting a spell on their listeners with ambient and dance. And of course furry cats and boxes.

Then another magical moment arrives as Swin Deorin comes up with a soundtrack and spoken word, in a work named ‘Grass And Leaves’. It’s a nice piece obviously created by a real audiophile doing what he does best & ends it with the most finest and softest dust crackles a person could wish for.

From the softness Swin Deorin gives us freakishness, deep depth, rhythmic elements, ambient and of course ginger beer. So much ginger beer that the sampled voice even implies that it is a bit too much.

A short little release but you can hear Swin Deorin’s quality ears at work for analyzing audio and a mind of original production schemes. It’s done with care and that makes it one of these artists that are on a hot list of quality experimental electronica and who are crazy enough (or lovely!) to bring out their music for free ;for anyone who is in drastic need for fine legal music. Oh and he is Scottish! So that’s cool too!
No Dog Fouling EP can be downloaded at this link:

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