Various Artists – The Pee Mixes 2012

Artists: Various
title: The Pee Mixes 2012
cat: ER099
keywords: urine, remixed,
label: Effluvia Recordings
Reviewer: A.Buis

Everyone (sooner or later) needs to pee. Removing liquid out of the bladder is a nicer way to describe it. Once the internal swimming pee pool is full; it simply needs to go out. We have our natural ways and if it won’t work; some doctor could create a detour to get the pee out of the system. If you don’t pee, you might explode. It’s as simple as that.

Also artists pee. Composers, actors, singers, birds, chickens, bosses, old granny’s and even the people who claim to have blue blood are frequently peeing their way around.
All this pee, what is it good for?
It’s a natural produced thing so logic reveals that there must be something..

Shit has a good reputation for making flowers and plants grow, but every day that I do my round of peeing on top of the plants in the garden; it’s equal as feeding them small doses of rat poison.

Every pee session they die a little more, get a bit more yellow and lose some leafs. Pee is harmful to plants.
Peeing excessively against walls makes them simply disappear, smelly and stained. Pee, what is your purpose other than your normal functionality of waste removal?

If pee isn’t good for anything, then there must be something that it could be used for. Artists from over the world (who claim to be sound makers) had already filled up a floppy diskette with urine. Pure urine was their input and together they gave birth to the Flop-Pee… It’s content might not be good to give to the plants, but as it’s safely secured on a downloadable floppy; it for sure gave the liquid gold more of a cult status than it had before.

Nowadays more and more artists are capturing their pee on floppy’s, just because it glorifies the whole act and gives the peeing artist something to hold on to. It gives time for a artist to get a more personal relationship going with the pee that the creator had carried for a while inside.

It’s a weird phenomena all these artists storing their pee on flop-pee’s and the fact that it’s out there for other pee people to hear.
“Does my pee sound different then someone else their pee?” Is one of these scientific questions that are getting answered by listening to the Flop-pee’s and comparing the sounds constructively?

But as the pee will still be pee even captured on a flop-pee; Pee still will be seen and heard as pee: Nothing less and nothing more. Luckily two organizing pee lovers and collectors with connections had dropped down the wall of anonymity and went asking around if people wanted to remix one single ‘pee’. It was a carefully selected pee; a pee made by a woman with lots of professional pee experience.

The response of enthusiasm was lesser received than expected, making it a real challenge to find skilled remixers / music makers that wanted to be associated with this pee project and didn’t mind to get their hands dirty on this specific pee.
It took years, months, weeks & days before the two had finally got enough pee remixers to seal the golden deal and drop the results for the public on the effluvia recordings label.

Conservatives weren’t happy; pee should be kept pee, stored on a flop-pee is fine, but now the gates have opened for a real recycling usage of our daily pee production.. The world would never be the same as now pee had evolved from a waste, or stuff stored on flop-pee’s into a musical instrument.

This of course makes everyone who pees and who doesn’t record it into a cultural offender: flushing a potential instrument down the drain (or wherever it goes..) is something not to be proud off. Almost nobody throws good violins, trumpets and cellos through the toilet without feeling a bit guilty. Don’t throw your pee away; it’s a potent musical instrument.

I’m sorry to make an abrupt ending of this intensive and defensive pee-talk, but all the blabla about pee makes me want to pee. Got to get the recording material, prepare an empty flop-pee and run to the music studio!
Here and hear the ‘pee-remixers’ changing the purpose of pee once and for all while I capture a new arrival of this fine instrument.

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