Mr. Kindhoover – Vacances A La Plage

Artist: Mr. Kindhoover
title: Vacances A La Plage
keywords: electronic, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental
label: Darling Dada

Mr. Kindhoover has to save this blog from its own death. There are simply too many artists and releases slipping in that not suck at all. We have a reputation to keep up with. The only way forward is to feature an artist or producer that most definitely sucks. And even if it doesn’t suck, it still does!

That’s why Mr. Kindhoover makes an appearance over here.
Personally I remember Mr. Kindhoover’s music from the Weird and Wired netlabel, and remember that the album I heard over there did not suck; unless you are a old school classical music lover; than it would probably have sucked big time.
But hey, it’s a hoover! What would you expect? No sucking?

This album over here released on the fine DaDa Darling label is one I wanted to chat about anyway. But it seemed appropriate to discuss it today after dropping all the reviews of disappointing releases that didn’t suck today. ‘Vacances A La Plage’ is the album title and I guess it is around twenty minutes of runtime. Which is appealing in case you don’t have an hour to spare.. (Which we all agree; that would suck!)

Right in the beginning of this release Mr. Kindhoover sucks up a whole family of birds. Not to be mistaken with chicks, but actual birds. (You know: wings, feathers, beaks..) Mr. Kindhoover sticks his hover stick up in the air and sucks them all in. The sky is clean again and Mr. Kindhoover has a fine bird pastry in its hungry stomach.

Requiem Pour Une Mouette’ use the birds now (they appear to be seagulls) for a moment of ventriloquist speaking. Or more bird-like singing followed up by Mr. Kindhoover being all hyped up about it, whistling big fat ass synth sound through the nose and humping to create an ingenious bombastic hover dance of a beat. Mr. Kindhoover makes a fine surprise and probably hoovers it up later for other performances.

We get it, Mr. Kindhoover is hanging out on the beach and is now acting all jolly going in pursuit of surfers breaking the waves as Mr Kindhoover kindly breaks their balls by sucking up their surfboards. Waves are high, surfers can swim but do not tend to hide as Mr Kindhoover’s is happy to use kindness to hit the surfers with beats, making them run over the water just like Jesus did.

L’evasion Des Crabes Rebelles is another piece of beach fun with a highly ecstatic sounding Mr. Kindhoover. The beats roll in the perfect shape to make gigantic footsteps in the sand. Mr. Kindhoover is trying its best to keep an invasive infiltration of crabs away and successfully sweeps and sucks these nifty friends up with a energetic smile. Mr. Kindhoover is ever so kind!

Too drunk to swim’ is the carnivalesque sound of music made by a Mr. Kindhoover juggling with funk, booze , coctail glasses and sunglasses, bottles and fun. Who cares about swimming if you can suck up all the booze and still be able to make great tunes?

But Mr. Kindhoover is a kind one who does enjoy sharing the sucked up drinks with some random mind like vacation friends on the beach. In ‘Qué Calor’ you can hear Mr. Kindhoover cheering and toasting with his new friends as everyone is all smiles and happiness while hastily working down a amount of booze that only the best livers could survive. A really nice celebration! Hooray!

Tagada on the beach’ makes me think of the Mr. Kindhoover pissing off these classical music fans over at a Weird and Wired, but this is yet again a fun celebration that makes me want to find a skippy ball and boing boing myself all over this track! Mr. Kindhoover just spiked the drinks with a few drops of acid, how kind!

A little bit nastier is the Tsunami Baby tune in which Mr. Kindhoover relives a tsunami of craziness that makes tsunami babies bite to dust while giggling with its teeth-less mouth.

Mr. Kindhoover’s love for classical sounding music comes back while slamming it all together with a mashed up speedy brew of happy and joyful core of hovercore. Ecume Shot? Yes I think it just landed on the sand…

More fun and happy craziness comes with ‘Noyade’ that next to happiness features some nasty bass synthage to make the agents of Miami Vice look like pussy cats and freaking out the fans of short tunes.

The last track is ‘Réanimade’ which sounds as if Mr. Kindhoover relives this Holliday on the beach, squirts out the previous adventures like a wet flow of diarrhea and when it’s finished: gets all hyped up and happy again! Mr Kindhoover throws in some nasty cracker of electronica to blast this vacation in to a cute smiling energetic happy one!

Have plans to go and spend some time on the beach? Bring Mr. Kindhoover with you and your fun will be enlarged 999%!
Get the album over here:

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