Nadrient – /Search/

Artist: Nadrient
title: /Search/
format: CD / digital
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, neo-classical, soundtrack, synthwave

Nadrient’s Search is a search on its own. The album start with a work named ‘Williams’ that comes over me as if it’s a warm personality that covers the morning bed sheets with sparkles of light. It’s as if the curtains in front of the window have been opening themselves slowly, spreading a warm glow through the bedroom. The Beautiful soft unraveling light that removes shadows, while lifting the place up in a fine comfort is a coming across as a real bliss. On one side you feel like you want to go out and explore a beautiful day outside and on the other hand you just really feel so comfortable lying in bed with the handsome and lovable ‘Williams’ that there might be a greater wish to never leave this moment or the bedroom.

Our search with Nadrient goes on in a different location with the track named ‘Meeuwig’. After a small impression of a breaking wave of a beach and the clearance of a hanging high tone; a sentimental structure dribbles in. A lovely guitar piece brings a calm romantic atmosphere while soft edited water brushes make this part in a complex combination of adventure. I feel as a listener as if in this story we are divers and dive deep in love and see what we can find over there.

Nadrient gives us then a dream like atmosphere in a track named ‘The O’Bannon Binding’ which first might come across a little feverish, but slowly merges together with exclusively warm and deep ambient layers. The two pair up like a yin and yang and meet each other in the middle to create a mysterious piece that hangs between something that is beautiful and frightening at the same time. A psychological thriller delivered in a calm sophisticated way that ends as an open ending in a lovely in between mood that sound as pretty as it could get.

A more timid start comes when the ears go down the ‘Valley of /Search/’.  A very deep valley that is probably equipped with its own ecological system. It gives me the feeling of flying as a soft feather on top of warm caring heaven like whispers that blow in different directions. Everything around is beautiful and yet so mysterious. Is this a dream or a dream flight within a dream?

To give the mind some rest of listening to all the beautiful music and the visualizations that appear while enjoying Nadrient on this search, the artist/composer brings a moment of a calmed piano piece so delightfully named “Pardon My Interlude”.

If there was a small change left that the listener wouldn’t feel this album in their hearts; then good luck resisting ‘Bedtime Sun’, as here it’s not only cuddles with the earlier on met ‘Williams’ but here it’s like a moment of falling in love with the creator of this loveable melody generator Nadrient .
The most loveable cuteness is being played out over here. The dream of little sparkling bell-like sounds that form such a loveable melody is something you can’t resist swallowing. It is strange but I imagine the smell of washing powder, clean spotless bed sheets that invite everyone in to cuddle and relax on soft feather like pillows and comfortable matrasses.

Nadrient’s search continues with a strange lovable piece named ‘Powerlines To Sing To’. The electric powerlines that make high sounds when you walk near them are now simply getting a make-over to be beautiful and handsome. The ugly sound is now redirected and composed as a fine fragility bringing a warm and lovable melodic experience that is slow but yet very captivating. A track like this might change your view of things; in everything that is ugly is the ability to become beautiful.

From Afar [Section One] comes across a bit cooler than the previous heard tracks. But even though it is more temperature dropping, it is still light material with enough appealing warmth that simply goes by without actually walking in front of whatever you had been doing, while listening to this piece. It is more like a stimulant, a delightful breeze in the back that pushes you like a well-oiled collider to continue dreaming and working at the same time. It makes the workflow more relaxed and even a bit lucid. Good for a moment of good morning music.

From Afar [Section Two] is even more trippy in a very warm and calm way. For some reason the sound choice and minimal feel of this pretty work is creating a new form of reality. I feel as if this music gives the pleasure of a dream along with ear pleasure that in a state of awareness seem to play tricks with the mind; thinking that reality is a hallucination.

When From Afar [Section Three] moves in the work becomes like listening to a telephone operator operating in heaven. The melodic bleeps are giving more edge to a trip situation while playing adorable cute tones in order to probably get in touch with a loved one in the afterlife.

Nadrient’s search is in my opinion a beautiful one. It’s not a search for problems, but more a search for beauty, love and looking at the last track ‘a search for answers’. Great listening material for early mornings, late at night evenings and days that you just want to stay in bed no matter that outside the sun stands high. You can find the album over here:


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