Various Artists – Compilation SC006

securedownloadArtists: Various
title: Compilation SC006
cat: SC006
keywords: IDM, electronic, ambient,
label: Symbiotic Cube

I don’t know what is up with all these quality releases being send to us as requests by labels who want us to feature them on our public pace of disgrace. Are these labels, promoters and artists themselves aware that this place is called ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’?  Making other people less open minded probably having thoughts that the record featured sucked so bad, that it earned a place over here? Or are these releases just very underestimated by more serious music websites that they are all mass turning up in our mailbox? Or is it just that they are automatic computer generated promo mails that just basically end up wherever they can end up? Anyway, of course we always love to hear music that sucks, but we can’t really complain too much when a request does the opposite of sucking. It might be less fun, but hey there is always room to crack some wisecrack jokes along the way…

To keep in this atmosphere of requests that are actually too good to be featured is this recent compilation released by ‘Symbiotic Cube’. I’m new to this label which is always good to be introduced by in the form of a label compilation. It’s like a formal introduction of family members that you get to know in an instant because they are all brought together in the same space. This musical family are members living all over the globe, so does the promotion text tells us about countries like Iran, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Mexico, Russia and Germany.. Let’s say that most of these artist have one thing in common; that they are clearly based on earth.

Another fun fact (one that made me think ‘hey I like this label’) is that Symbiotic Cube has their own web music player on their website. They mention it clearly in their mail : F*ck Soundcloud!
So yes, Symbiotic Cube comes across as a pretty independent label who describes itself as an international artist’s collective and audio/visual label. They even go so far by making their goals much more than your average label with mentioning that their associated members are working on audio-visual performances, rafting, paintball, interactive installations, knitting sweaters, sound design, film production, sculpting, cross-puzzles, acupuncture, 3d printing, controller hardware and software related to these topics.. And oh almost forgot: Music.
In any way, this is a label that has big ideas and tons of good intentions, which is something I’ll take a bow for and gladly accept their compilation within my ears.

So what about the music that you can find on this compilation? It might not suck, but what does it do besides from not sucking? The compilation starts with the artist that is based in Iran and sounds pretty high tek. A warm yet cool layer of ambient like movements is slowly growing up within the track made by Odepth. There are modern crackles to be found that simply removes the need for drums as their fragility in sound clicks are fine enough to carry the sentimental depth that the mellow ambience is exhibiting. A beautiful piece that feels like a music version of ‘looking out of a window with hope and seeing a world that is pretty much up in flames’.

The second track is done by Abduct who is originally from Mexico but lives now in Budapest. Abduct’s track could be a very close family member of the track by Odepth. The beats that have a similar clicker di click vibe are in my ears more structured like freaky chill beats that gets me strangely grooving and moving, while a rich mélange of relaxed tones swirl around it.

The next artist featured on the compilation is one named Andy Finger. His track is also sounding like a nephew or cousin or even a brother or sister with the other two heard tracks. They really have a similar mind it seems, yet they have their own specific strengths and charms. Andy Finger’s No Greenlight in sight uses sounds that sound like rhythmic finger clicks and manipulated vocals to create a more personal piece. The music comes across to me as a Aphex Twin’s windowlicker without the windows to lick. A cry for good weed but unfortunately for Andy Finger there is no green light in sight..But fortunately for the listeners of this compilation; the struggle comes out as a really nice relaxing personal piece of music.

‘Leaving the planet’ is a band that delivers a very lovely track that hunts the ears with a very special tone. It’s a work by David Gann & Tzeshi and surprisingly it is a live recording from a gig they did in Lisbon. A very intriguing work that finds a perfect balance between electronica ambient and warm woolen words spoken so delightfully by a smooth and whisperfull winterish voice. The music warms up like a warm woolen hat and a scarf and has a very beautiful spacious vibe that seems to enable planatarian travels in a relaxed way.

From Japan comes the next track created by r.m.ʝ〜ʎ , a different kind of sound compared to the other members, but yet definitely related. The wet sounding rhythm is nicely structured and a lovely clap gives it the right edge to enjoy the flow.  The electronic melody is chilled but yet funky enough to aim at dancing while relaxing at the same time. The synthetic sound makes the track shine and refreshing making this a pretty experience.

GLASKIN’s Party is over’ is a track that seems to flirt a bit with the likes of the chill side of dubstep, but yet is far removed from the genre. It is a great track for afterparty’s that comes in with a loaded gun to kill all left over party goers with fat synths and reloads to bring more killer music. A great soundtrack for a Quentin Tarantino movie I would say.

After the bullets being reloaded by GLASKIN we are going on a little music moment made by Reverse Bullets, (Klaas van Carlos) who delivers a graceful chill out track with French speaking voices that make the work breath out a Parisian atmosphere. The tickling beat reflects the family line that keeps this group of artists so fine together.  A magical moment appears when a more strange tingeling music pops in, which is refreshing.

Rowan J. Thyme’s Inner-City Tiger also uses bullets somewhere in the mix. Did these family members inform eachoter of their tracks or did they perhaps hear the track that went up in from of them? Inspiring wise? Or is it just a coincidence or a DNA related thing that these projects are so suitable together? Whatever the cause ; it really works out well this compilation. This
This track gives a relaxed rhythm with a bit of a ganster feeling mixed with singing priest in a robe and armed with a gun.

Then the compilation makes way for someone we had met earlier on as part of a band, but now comes back with a solo contribution; Tzeshi! Tzeshi’s Fossil of Flame is like listening to a very relaxed slow motion move of a grotesque person sweeping pages of a gigantic book. It is very calming and if you are opening up your mind enough; good for self-hypnotism.

The last track on the compilation is done by YBSTN with a track named ‘Freud’ which is probably the darkest sounding work available over here. It must be the classic tinted sides, the crackling old voice, the dust.. I can’t put my finger on it other than saying that it could be a good piece for a Ben Hurr movie with lots of extra’s dressed as Sigmund Freud look-a-likes. With this the compilation has come to an end. This collection is a nice selection of electronica that very much is together in quality and style and yet brings diversity. A real family of worldwide electronic music that would do well teamed up with visual images, movies and documentaries. conclusion? Doesn’t suck at all… 😦

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2 Responses to Various Artists – Compilation SC006

  1. Linda says:

    Couldn’t agree more that it doesn’t suck. Boohaa! The only thing that sucks a bit is unfortunately the player: it sometimes doesn’t advance to the next song 😦 And I wouldn’t mind if it, very soundcloudilike, would play all the releases within the label 😀
    Btw is it a player used on different labels? I think I’ve seen it before. Underground player ^^ (ah no, that spot is already taken by

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