title: Blue Sky EP
keywords:  Neo-Classical Speed Metal / Power Metal
label: DEFOX Records
reviewer: Mark X

Hello, greetings earthlings.

Upon receiving the finest ROCK & METAL greetings from the Indonesian indie speed rock/metal band GARUDA FORCE I feel like greeting the greetings. It’s a magnificent day here at Yeah I Know It Sucks as the greetings from GARUDA FORCE came with music and pleasant news that they are out to conquer planet earth (starting with the internet as they managed to have signed with the Italian label DEFOX records (home for QUALITY music!) for online distribution purposes.

just like 'Yeah I Know It Sucks' the Italian label is know to be the home of HIGH QUALITY music

just like ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ the Italian label is known to be the home of HIGH QUALITY music

They have reasons to be cheery this GARUDA FORCE and so do we; just look at the picture above: doesn’t it make you smile? And then the news that GARUDA FORCE has just dropped an EP named ‘Blue Sky’ for all of us earthlings to enjoy; doesn’t it make you happy and jolly inside? Just look at the front cover; one ray of bliss!

This is the pleasant front cover of the 'BLUE SKY' EP

This is the pleasant front cover of the ‘BLUE SKY’ EP

Music is a language that is universal and speedy rock metal is a good slang for anyone who likes that kind of slang. It would help if you are into Indonesian song writing too, but as with all other forms of this slang; understanding lyrics is not always important for enjoyment. In fact in this case just seeing the solid press kit of GARUDA FORCE cheered me up so much; and their ‘hit’ Blue Sky cleaned away the dark clouds that had gathered to make way for indeed a real life ‘Blue Sky’. Thank you so much GARUDA FORCE may the forces of speed metal/rock be with you!

the logo of GARUDA FORCE

the logo of GARUDA FORCE

The biography of GARUDA FORCE is like a good soap opera. Let me try to break it down for you. The band started in 1998 under a different name (MELS Band) and always attended competitions and rock music events. Speeding up to 2004 the bandmembers Toto (vocals), Jay (Lead Guitar, Irfan (bass), Badr (drum) started to play speed/heavy metal cover songs of POWER METAL, HELLOWEEN, Yngwie J. Malmsteet and etc.. (If you know what it means, you must check this band out for sure!)

The epic GARUDA FORCE members

The epic GARUDA FORCE members

But then it happens; Irfan (the bassplayer) decided to resign from this MEL Band in 2006 because he had to move to another city. (which must have sucked) After that the band had no activity until all the way in 2008. And in one year time the Mels Band changed its name to the attractive and strong name of GARUDA FORCE. Toto (I can’t stop thinking of Toto from the wizard of ozz..) who was the singer had switched to play bass and a new member named ‘Kavit’ became the vocalist of the band.

From here GARUDA FORCE started to become fruitful, going again to perform on rock events in and around Jakarta and making themselves heard.
Unfortunately because of personal problems (and busy with work) also the new singer (Kavit) had quit the band.  (That must have sucked) than another member came in named ‘REGI Weking’ and since 2012 the band has been stable rocking out, writing their own songs and become more and more forceful.

In 2012 GARUDA FORCE recorded their own songs in MELS Studio (named after the band that was before GARUDA FORCE I presume) and they recorded until the beginning of januari 2013. (Mels Studio is GARUDA FORCE’s homebase ( so they didn’t had to pay overtime.) All together they had recorded their EP consisting of 5 tracks, with two of them in English and the others in the Indonesian language.

the flipside of the 'Blue Sky EP' with all the song titles featured on the release

the flipside of the ‘Blue Sky EP’ with all the song titles featured on the release

The biography of GARUDA FORCE is perhaps a bit confusing..
but the music that we heard over here speak for themselves. On the EP there are five tracks but we heard the hit single ‘Bleu Sky’ which is like speed-metal-rock with Jakarta flavors and lots of blue sky-ing.. and a song named ‘Bayam Malang’ that came to me a bit like Metallica who suddenly became popular with their classical version of ‘nothing else matters’.

I love the artwork and their story, so if you do too and have some money to invest, please support GARUDA FORCE by buying a copy of their ‘Blue Sky’ EP.
Yeah I Know It Sucks approves 🙂
itunes: ttps://

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