The Suburban Homes – The Suburban Home E.P.

Artists: The Suburban Homes
title: The Suburban Home E.P.
format: 7” vinyl
keywords: 60’s , garage rock, rock & roll, boredom, DIY, lo-fi, indi, post-punk, punk, surf
Label: Market Square Recordings

Formed mainly to reduce boredom in their home town in the shadow of Gatwick Airport, Crawley’s The Suburban Homes, unleash this E.P, their debut 7″ single, this is the first time “The Homes” make it to vinyl, in fact it’s the first time they have done anything.

Yeah, well I think it’s worth a standing ovation or perhaps even a standing ovulation. This is the first time I have heard of homes in suburbia that can do things on their own, they must have been so extremely bored that it drove these houses over the edge and start some sixty’s punk band. Sixties punk? Well they are homes; they probably have some nostalgic feeling in their stones.

I can’t even imagine how they recorded this debut single.. I mean how did they get these Suburban Homes in a recording studio? Or did they have some adventurous technical sound engineer setting up microphones outside to record these bored Suburban Homes? It remains a mystery to me, but it seems that somehow someone managed to record this phenomenon and pressed it on a piece of vinyl.

The question is; Do Suburban Homes have turntables inside of them so they can listen to their groundbreaking venture? Just imagine that these Suburban Homes are (after doing the impossible to escape boredom) now just listening to their own recording that spins around in their stomachs. It might get one day boring again & I think it isn’t hard to imagine the Suburban Homes being bored  one day from over-listening their 7″ and somehow start to record again.

Would it not be better for these Suburban Homes to just keep in making music together? Just imagine the Suburban Homes standing together jamming every day their suburban homes punk; I bet they will never be bored again and probably will attrack a vast amount of tourists when the word comes out that these Suburban Homes can play music. Just think about all the press it would attract. Think about the headlines: Unbelievable! Suburban Homes rock! Or ‘Suburban Homes more popular than Rolling Stones..’

But perhaps Suburban Homes don’t want to be in all the papers, a place in the book of records or have a enormous amount of unwanted visitors and fans stepping on their property in the hope to see the Suburban Homes play. I can understand that, after all that kind of attention would be more suitable for city homes and modern council flats.
So the future might be yet a big vague, but for now we can all hear the phenomenon on a piece of vinyl by ordering it over from the Market Square:

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