Antarctica – Genetic Process Distorsion

Artist: Antarctica
title: Genetic Process Distorsion
keywords: experimental
reviewer: Willem van O.

Hello and welcome back at Yeah I Know It Sucks. Thank you for watching this space in the hope that some real golden nuggets of music pop up. I feel like we owe you one after featuring too many serious businesses. I pledge herby that this post will be about something that would satisfy your mother who happened to be interested in some music generated by someone that might know that it sucks, but at the same time is fantastically great. It’s an artist / composer who goes by the name Antarctica.

The first track that deserves weird music hunters their ears is one named ‘The Pledge’. In which our hero ‘Antarctica’ plays a powerful composition that seems to be created live and on the spot on a lo-fi keyboard. You can hear the fingers on the keys and almost see the drops of sweat from the artist dribbling down the forehead, just like the ice-blocks that melt in the other ‘Antarctica’. After 3 minutes the artist starts to really get into it; a dark tune slips under his hands that made me think of Darth Vader (if he was under the influence of absinth). The artist sings a flavor over the newly conceived melodies in a mélange that sounds like it is in the English language, but yet difficult to fully comprehend what it is a bout. It might be that Antarctica in real life speaks the French language, which could explain the heavy accent that makes this track even standing out even more in quality.

A quality that goes forward with the excellent ‘Sunlight Path’ , a very personal piece that makes the usual listener closer to the artist who comes across here like a one eyed pirate. The same instrument is used, and the voice is more seasoned that goes from low and high up. The beauty gives me the shivers, what an awesome composition and what beautiful words are sung.

The record is long, longer than expected but as a spoiled music lover your should go all the way down in something like this ‘Genetic Process Distortion’ by this fine talent that is Antarctica. The third composition ‘Obsolete Penumbra’ is one that misses his beautiful voice but features enough melodic ranges to make up for it. You can almost hear Antarctica drooling over the keyboard while enjoying his own played pleasures.

The one named ‘Confused’ has a bit of a confusing intro.. Antarctica counts from 1 to 3 and makes a fake start and counts again before starting some kind of circus like soundtrack. When listening to this I feel like a part of my own brain is trying to walk out of my head. But before it gets all watery and a bit boring, Antarctica throws back in his voice and squeezes out a final moan.

Doomsday’ is more of Antarctica than any self-loving listener would probably be able to hear, but is quite an interesting listen. As in this one our artist starts to become all black metal on us, and we might even feel his breath up in our face as he cursers before squeezing out his voice as if he is a opera loving mental chicken with some fine health issues. This part is as enjoyable as it is creepy. But whatever your things you can’t say it isn’t interesting. A proper highlight on this creative meltdown of Antarctica. Doomsday might get you nightmares, so beware to let the kids go out of the room before torturing yourself with this piece.

The craziness of melting brain can be heard even more in a track named ‘Blank’. Which made me personally wonder what kind of medications Antarctica had been taking and obviously now doesn’t take anymore. This work is like a conversation between the demon inside Antarctica and some sensible priest. It’s both Antarctica speaking which gives listening to this track the feeling as if they are listening to a real life person who is not only possessed by a demon but also by the spirit of the priest that wants to do the exorcism.

The last track is ‘Joy’ which is a relief. Not so much music wise, but just because my ears will be finally relieved of someone else their personal meltdown that we had found by accident through the glorious internet. It’s quite a heavy listen, and it might be just sketches of ideas to be later transformed into some medieval black metal with demon vocals, but as in how it is presented in this form; it is possibly even creepier!

I can’t simply ask you to listen to this complete album, as you must be out of your mind to do so. But a listen to the highlight ‘Doomsday’ track will probably give you enough madness to feel yourself all safe and sane again. Antarctica’s meltdown can be heard over here:

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2 Responses to Antarctica – Genetic Process Distorsion

  1. Ouamrane says:

    Hello my friend Willem Van O. , thank you so much for the chronicle and the appreciation of my music . I invite you to chronicle my others albums and your site is really amazing ! Thanks again , brother ! From the musical project Antarctica , from France ! 🙂

  2. Ouamrane says:

    Hello my friend Willem Van O. , thank you so much for the chronicle and the appreciation of my music . I invite you to chronicle my others albums and your site is really amazing ! From the musical project Antarctica , from France ! All my albums are here on Bandcamp :

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