Evgenij V. Kharitonov – DW8KBPS

Artist: Evgenij V. Kharitonov
title: DW8KBPS
cat mbr-020
keywords: low-bit, lobit, ambient, drone, noise, 8kbps, mono
label: Microbit Records http://lautpoesie.narod.ru/index/0-42

Evgenij V. Kharitonov is a multi-instrumentalist, poet, runs multiple labels and is really an excellent music maker that could be called an octopus in how he manages to make and create so much creative output and diversity all by himself. He is lately focusing more on his space electro projects and ambient, but because Yeah I Know It Sucks are rebels; I thought to write some words about a more experimental release.

It is a little one that you could probably categorize (if you would like) into lobit drone. Personally I like it because it proofs that drone in extreme lobit (8kbps) sounds way better than all these gigantic Dolby surround 4D drone releases that seem to pop out all over the place. This release is cute, very small and sounds as if we are exploring a human body in a strange way. It consist of 4 little tracks ‘dw 001, dw 002, dw 003 and guess what? dw 004!

dw 001 is like listening to a deep hollow belly filled with watery substance recorded from the inside out. Don’t expect water bubbles, but do expect streams of low encoded sound going through the digestion system. The steady flowing sound on its own is a comfortable experience but the occasional outbursts of little gasses (farts?) are ones that might do some damage to your speakers, ears or alter your heart condition. Just like Russian roulette; this is good fun indeed.

dw 002 comes across as a similar experience but yet more higher up. Perhaps this is not recorded in a water-filled belly but more water flowing in a speedy pace through the highways of the human body. A good slide and I would say; almost educational in how it sounds.

dw 003 is more like a burning sensation, the lobit drone seems to be speeding up down the aorta and is ready for toiletation. You can imagine the sound having exciting conversations with itself as the end of the tunnel is coming faster in sight.

But in ‘dw 004’ the sound opted not to be born and see daylight as it moves back up in a more slower and less exciting speed. The view of the end of the tunnel might have scared it as it decides to go back to the water filled belly of no return.

Get this little ‘microscopic captain nemo in-a-human-body-water-world exploration over at the following link:

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