Graffiti Mechanism – plebian

Artist: Graffiti Mechanism
title: plebian
cat: 8R090
keywords: electronic, house, lobit, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens

Hardly do we realize the handiness and beauty of a simple every day usable friend for clothes. No, not washing powder, human bodies, washing machines or water. A clotheline. Nothing is taken more for granted as a quality clothing line, and yet we live in a world that cannot exists without clothing lines. A pretty clotheline that is hanged from tree to tree or wall to wall are the best. The view of it on a summers day occupied with shirts, socks, trousers, gloves, dresses, socks, hats, underwear, toilet paper, towels , Barbie’s, carpet, diapers, bra’s, wigs, bed sheets, grandma’s dentures, curtains, dollar bills and rubber chickens; it is a sight we probably all agree to enjoy in silence.

Just to see the line slightly waving in a summers breeze with the clothes-pegs holding on to the vast array of softly dancing items is simply one of these views that is just as relaxed as sitting in a lonely corner of a park next to a little fountain to drink water from. Yet nobody ever have seem to have written a book about it, praised it in a performance art or described it in a beautiful poem full appreciation.

The only one person in the entire world lovely , intelligent, talented and heroic enough to make this injustice undone is the one and only most honorable underground coffee lover and cheap beer drinker, man and producer; the one and only Graffiti Mechanism! His track dedicated to this subject is not how close minded would expect it to sound, but people who know this artists his work will instantly be excited in the knowledge that indeed the ‘clotheline’ will be musically hailed in the most beautiful way that it could be done.

There is nothing better than the lovely melodies coming out of the basement of Graffiti Mechanism, next to all the other things that have been created in there.(We have heard some excellent new release that will surface soon that consists of delicate freaky acid!) but for now the love of a clotheline full of smiling shoes, umbrella’s, headphones, masks, stockings, cats and dogs, pizza, tissue, jeans and garlic plants will have finally the rightful music to hear while they bungle and dry in the sun.

You really have to download this tiny (in size) tribulatation and play for your items or for that hard working clothing line that deserves it so much. And if you don’t have a clotheline, you can always play if for yourself as even you deserve ‘the best’. And better than the quality work of Graffiti Mechanism in the underground simply doesn’t exist.

Don’t worry if you aren’t interested in clothelines but are more into something stronger as this release also covers a very lovable tribulation to the favorite drink among many ‘Tequila’. Graffiti Mechanism provides the most loving melody in an extremely fine chilled out electronic track that would do its best to compliment any bottle of tequila, tequila drinking moment or even moments that you are completely tequila-less.

Whatever your thing (clothelines, tequila? Something else) you want and deserve to play these pretty master pieces. They come from a place called Toledo and are the best kept newly released secrets from the deep underground. Absolute bliss and love. Brought to you by the one and only 8kbps netlabel 8Ravens;

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