My Gloomy Machine – CSR 001

Artist: My Gloomy Machine
title: –
cat: CSR 001
format: 12” Vinyl (300 copies
keywords: IDM, drill & bass, electronic, breaks, experimental, electronic
label: Cosmik Scum Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

My Gloomy Machine is a project by ‘SeB Roy’ a producer who has been around for a long time. Starting since 1995 and began programming electronic music since 2001. His love for technical intelligence and melodic progression can be heard back in his albums in which you can feel his skills getting better and better. I remember him starting this project to integrate more gloomy melodies in his sophisticated beat productions, but I also remember seeing video’s of him performing with belly dancers dancing.
The road of a serious music maker like SeB Roy’ has a lot of tumbling over banana peels but also has brought lots of positive outputs.

The very first ‘My Gloomy Machine’ 12″ coming out of a box of awesomeness

Within this post is a review for one of these precious dreams that now had become a dream come true. My Gloomy Machine has now made its way on a excellent limited edition 12” vinyl! Brought out through ‘Cosmik Scum Records’ who obviously had a good pair of ears, to discover the talent that will push their label forward. The record consists of 3 excellent tunes that cover dealings with getting older as ‘family’, midlife crisis’ and being ‘the deceiver’.

Family Is Math’ starts inside the theme of a forest like environment that hauls some mysterious strange noises. The nature seems to be going through some glitch moment and somewhere between the trees humans seem to perform a strange game of pain and pleasure. A fine piano melody comes in slowly to camouflage the strange sounds in the back and when successful; the music introduces a bell like sound that pushes a nice rolling electric beat that seems to be highly programmed to give pleasure to people who enjoy the more sophisticated electronica styles out there.

The melody performed by the piano works on steady through the crafted glitch world of nature meets electro. The more the track goes on, the more emotional the mellow music becomes. the variations of the intelligent rhythms hits the track like cute whips from a mistress of nature. After six minutes the mood changes into a more uplifting piece that will attempt to make the listeners feel good; and in my case it successfully does its job to throw back in enough energy to lift the shoulders and run naked through the trees while the music pushes the levels of well-made cute freakery that makes ‘having a family’ sound like a rewarding and joyful thing to endure or to start up. The ending is like the music crashes down and exhales all the new gathered ideas and energy to let it all think over..

More mild and yet brilliantly hyperactive is the friendly rattling beat infested ‘Midlife Crisis’. These are the breaks that people can’t get enough off, and together with the pretty little melodies of the melody-maker ‘My Gloomy Machine’ it for sure is a good PR session for ‘Midlife crisis’s’ around the world. They suddenly became a form of lovely innocence, as the rattling electronica seems to highlight the cuter part of this socially underrated process of a life-time. A lovely ending crowns this wonderful nifty positive track of intelligent programming and composing.

The Deceiver’ is a deceiver in a way that it constantly tries to trick us in being something that is not so easily to be put in a box. It starts for example nice and slow, but yet very nice and pushy. But before really knowing what and how My Gloomy Machine pushes us all with cute melody and a whole collection of beats in a speed train of effective hyperness. In this vibe we even meet acid bleeps, old bleeps and a robotic vocoder for the ultimate deceiving moment that is actually not so much a betrayal as more a fine reminder that when dealing with someone as talented as ‘My Gloomy Machine’ you never know where a track will start and where and how it will end.

Get this lovely landmark in ‘My Gloomy Machine’’s oeuvre as a touchable vinyl from the label, (or buy a digital copy if you don’t own a turntable to spin it on)

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