old oldman – the tender ass EP

Artist: old oldman
title: the tender ass EP
cat: 20k209
keywords: downbeat, triphop, electronica, electronic, lobit
label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/

2014 Sucks so let’s travel back in time when everything was a little bit less suckier. We go back to 2007 to the day that an old oldman came out on the mothership of lobit named ’20kbps’. The old oldman made first contact with an track that made me think for a moment that robots had feelings too. The song ‘Noss’ had this kind of sentimental piano loop going on, a little drum and that computer generated voice that made this one for what it was. This was the sound of the future, there would be no more need for human singers of the sentimental kind as these feelings could now be brought to life by a robot or computer. The old oldman was quite ahead of its time.

In 2007 this concept of robotic music without human interaction was a daring one, easily shoved away in the DaDa corners of mental illness. But the old oldman raised its stick up high and brought in a ‘i don’t give a flying F about the judging crowds’ and dropped some funky acid on top of a sweet loop; so young and the old could do some shakes with their bodies. The body-shake, the hipsters in 2007 would call it.

The highlight of the body-shake party’s at that time was when the big hit ‘the tender ass’ would be played by the deejay. Instead of holding up iPhones or raising the hands that they do now at dance parties; the crowds of that time would shuffle and shake their derrières and with every move it was the purpose to slip out a fart that was in timing with the song, the sound had to be right and in tune for the party goer to become immensely popular. It was a party of farts on top of a sweet melody and a shake your ‘behind’ rhythm. The old oldman’s ‘the tender ass’ song was the song of 2007 at these now extinct body-shake party’s. Those where the days…

The old oldman provided also a fitting outro track on the release that was (so spectacular in its kind) given away for free. It had some night wolf howling, some loud chopped beats that made sure that all the body-shake party people knew that the party was over; that it was time for everyone to climb back on their horses and get their darting asses out of the venue. Old oldman was a hero, and these times might be the past but can still be relieved in the future. You might even do the body-shake revival! Get your old oldman classics over here:

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