jez PA Speelman & Adam Hunt – Classic Pop EP

axzArtist: jez PA Speelman & Adam Hunt
title: Classic Pop EP
cat: FCK 006
format: Floppy Diskette (limited to 18)
keywords: lo-fi noise pop
label: Floppy Kick

Floppy Kick (the Hungarian label that labels itself as ‘The Floppy Label’) has just moved office. We hope none of the releases are secretly stolen or lost in the move, as that would be disastrous news for floppy loving floppy fetishists. But like all fun loving DIY labels; luck is by their side and the floppy lords of protection would have probably made sure that everything had been kept safe and without accidental incidents.

However one of their precious little Floppies did arrive to the headquarters of Yeah I Know It Sucks through mysterious ways. But don’t worry too much over it, as the friendly diskette has been cherished by the whole team, being pampered by our unpaid secretaries and received lots of candy from the caretaker.
After chilling out and relaxing, the floppy diskette had finally made it to my desk for further analyses. This Floppy is one that contains the music of Australian based Adam Hunt & Jez PA Speelman. On this record they are exploring the concept of ‘classic pop’ in an improvised noise kind of way.

the cute and adorable floppy

the cute and adorable cherished floppy

The first part is one that sounds unlike pop more as a cop. A very nice warm soft brew that gave me audio-wise the feeling of listening to sitting in a police car with a window wiper cleaning the window from dirt and a police radio receiving a vague voice update from quite possibly another crime that has been going on. Might it be a recording of the crime of this stolen ‘floppy’ that has been smuggled all the way to our offices? Nobody knows as the female cop is overruled by the window wiper and the artists themselves experimenting with the sound equipment. The highlight is a nice electric sound spiral that makes sure the listener will know that this was the end of the first part of the ‘pop’ release.

‘part 2’ is the longest exploration and starts with an utterly bizarre audio expression featuring a childlike voice that says in a utterly joyful way something like ‘Alaska Alaska Alaska’. Something that gets the right feedback with the fun loving experimentation that appears to co find a balance in electronic avant-garde, space opera and creative mental hospital day care activities. The voice (I expect coming from Jez PA Speelman) sings like a high spirit among the exclusive and strange sound bursts of soft crackles, electronic machines, never heard before ‘instruments’ and hints of extraordinaire use of household equipment.

The music is very strange, but yet very pleasant in a way that it is unlike anything else that I’ve heard. It sure has a pop structure, but in a way so bizarre that it must be the pop music from another galaxy. When the strange sounds starts to rattle and whip and the voice lifts up like a space rocket; I can only presume that we are on their way now to these fellows their original home planet.

The whip starts to kick and the voice really makes the music fly through the cosmic barriers and when it is speeding up too quick you can hear the artists attempting to hit the break. A break that only triggers much more madness than expected; from strange scratches, digital cow like singing, howling, distorted cats and old space invader games that starts to go completely berserk and wild. The final notes at the end of a funny squirrel-like sound that laughs before it disappears with its nuts is just another element of total amazement. This is so original that it quite possibly will ‘pop’ some brains and demolishes all music as we know it. Sheer brilliance!

The last part starts with a rattling machine gun-like something, that makes way for what sounds like a laughing cricket. If my ears hear correctly; this part might be more pop-like that we earthlings encounter. But not really, really. The laughing cricket and a soft crackling footstep-rhythm goes together with alien space lasers that shoot little bursts of craziness.

The vocals are the strangest thing that my ears had encountered going from dark whispers to dying cats to someone with an oxygen problem. The soft sound of something electronic makes this one (even though it’s utterly bizarre) the most ‘normal’ on this release. And with ‘Normal’ I mean normal in the most bad-shit-crazy-kind-of-way! And in terms of originality in experimental noise and performance, this is surely taken as a compliment! Absolutely sheer brilliance this ‘classic pop’ floppy release!

Do not buy this floppy from the black market, or go out and let someone steal it for you, but do make sure you get your hands on a copy. You can get one through the official way by ordering it from the Floppy Kick label at the following link:

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