Hynra – Sound of Jasmine

Artist: Hynra
Title: Sound Of Jasmine
cat: Siro740
Keywords: hip-hop, beat
Label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/
Reviewer: Willem van O.

The ‘War of the promised land’ seems to go on forever. I’m not even writing here about the real life things in the world that we supposedly are living in, but actually about a track done by ‘Hynra’. This track seems to go on forever, which is kinda weird as it is roughly around four minutes in length. This either means that it puts listeners in some kind of deceptive slow motion state, or it means something else.. The music is perhaps some kind of trans invoking material that perfectly goes together with the sight of belly dancing camels.

You know ‘camels’ right? The ones that are pictured on a brand of cigarettes next to (in some countries) overwhelmingly gruesome stickers of throat cancer, rotting teeth and extremely bold letters with bold statements like ‘smoke this and one day you might wake up pregnant from aurally consuming nicotine sperm’. This morning I crashed my head into a tree; imagine placing it full with stickers saying things like ‘Beware might give you serious headache’ ‘beware of suitable place to climb in and fall out’ with photos of people that have serious wounds on their heads from walking against this tree, and people falling out of them..

Sorry, I was losing the track of time in this review. Chatting away like a headless chicken triggered by the image of belly dancing camels in the Promised Land. It was a bit of a Arabic kind of experience; not really a fight perhaps but it might have been a fight against the sexual allure of indeed.. Belly dancing camels.

With ‘Sound of Jasmine’ I strongly go to another part of the desert. One that reminds me of this Bollywood clip of this M.I.A. Video for ‘bad girls’. It’s a videoclip that people would see and pretend not to have seen. A bit like that squeaky clean series ‘Full House’ that we not have seen, but know an awful lot about. But even though being a cheerleader at a Madonna super bowling ball party; M.I.A. Is cool and that video looked like what we can guess a expensive good time in the desert with cars driving on two wheels on a lonely road cheered by people that seemed to know their way around in the sand like area. What does this have to do with ‘Sound Of Jasmine’? Well I think if Jasmine would be in this case a bad girl and run away she should be definitely be replaced by this M.I.A. who could add some spitting and fitting words on this track. The artist might want to rename it than to ‘Sound Of M.I.A.’ but the end result would probably spectacular. It’s nearly there in coolness, just adding some cool vocals or a massive rap by a femme fatale would seriously make this tune in to something that kicks ass.

The track ‘prince of terror’ sound already cool on its own. Almost terrifyingly cool even. Imagine a prince of terror proving a rap on top of it and you might actually get a pop-rap attack that could be send out to penetrate the televisions and radio stations of the desert continents and fill it up with propaganda. These big beats and fat synth sounds are really asking to be taken hostage by a wordily terror prince who can rhyme!

The last track is like a little party featuring all the earlier suggestions of non existing participants. From belly dancing camels, deserts filled with cars on two wheels and a bad girl waving a golden chain and of course the terror prince who wants to rule the region. You can just imagine them driving through the Arabian world in Ferrari’s, Porches, and other car brands that have a reputation of being bad ass and expensive. The camel is a suitable driver and with this noble thought in mind I’ll try to find an ending to this review and this track named ‘Wave of Arabian Victory’!
Are you a rapper with love for Arabia? Do you like belly dancing? Cars and sand? If this sounds something for you or just gathered your interest; than you can get this little release over for free download at the following link:

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