Munter S Thomson – WASTE

Artist: Munter S Thomson
Title: WASTE
keywords: electronic, breakcore, cockrockdisco, electronic, jungle, rave
label: Nam Shub Of Enki

When Munter S Thomson claims to have wasted one year on making ‘WASTE’, you’d better pay attention.
It’s like when people throw away their waste and other people go and dig through it to find the most precious and wanted items that they bring in to their homes and hearts forever to be cherished. One man’s waste is another’s gold’ is a expression that seems to fit this ‘WASTE’ of the Munter S Thomson.

And with the established moment above for a proper little introduction, I would like to invite you all to open up the black bags and go through this joyful WASTE to stumble upon something brand new and exciting.
Let me slip in my hand and see what comes out if you are too much of a hygiene freak to go through the WASTE yourself…

Ah, what do we have here? It’s a ‘Rubber Stampy’, an artifact that got the most outrageous bad ass fat sounds when you stamp your ears with it. The left side of your brain will shake hands with the right side as they bounce like a ball made of elastics through your skull. In fact the instant swinging fatty rubber grooves are so enjoyable that you’ll probably stamp yourself all over your body with it. This treasure in the WASTE is a friendly monster that invites you for an immediate intimate unavoidable weird Rubber Stampy dance. (You’ll recognize this unique dance style once the ink of the rubber Stampy hit your bottom..)

But… Look at the WASTE! This is just one item of many.. Let’s stick in one arm in all the way down to the elbow.. Ah, I think I got something.. Let’s pull it up.. Oh! Look at this beauty! Why would anyone throw this away? A real ‘Vermin Hunter’! Let’s see if it works and press the ‘play’ button.. It begins to tick rather quickly and it’s tongue begins to vibrate in a speedy way while it’s arms hit his belly of awesomeness. A stable beat is being performed while the tongue vibration creates the finest musical expression as it hunts down ‘vermin’ for personal consumption. Toes are tapping and legs of rubber are getting all funky and energized as the hunter swallows up some lost & found excessive amounts of speed and some small tabs of LSD. The Vermin Hunter jumps happy away through the WASTE leaving me with the wish to be vermin too so it might come back and eat me. What a great WASTE of fun this is!

Look what rolls out of it? A boom blaster with flashing lights and a glued ‘Show’ em da basses’ tape inside it. It still works and sounds brand new! Just hit the ‘play’ button for an instant party that has infective rhythm, classic vocal cuts of enthusiasm and music that will turn your feet into bouncy sport shoes. This WASTE is like an energetic dose of pleasure that makes me want to do ‘sportive’ kind of party tricks; doing backflips, rolling over and jumping while clapping. You really should come over here and join me at this WASTE I could sure use some dance partner at this instant party! Ah, shit! My new sport shoe feet just danced away! Hmm.. Oh well: the more reason to come over and give me a hand to find my sport shoe feet…

But what’s this down here in the WASTE? Who wants to find feet if you can find for example this Quandrangle Calypso? It’s like a retrospective look back to the dance music of the crazy years when everyone was wearing pink pantyhoses and brought inflatable rubber duckies to the dance clubs! Memories of the good old days when 2 Unlimited sang ‘there is no limit No No No there is no limit’ returns back in a modern coat of the most beloved house riffs, phat stabbing bass synths and refreshing breakbeats for the ultimate bubbling action. Quandrangle Calypso is like the best culture clash and culture clash that unites the ravers scene from the ‘good old days’ and pumps it up enough for the ‘good old nowadays’! There is even some acid that would be loved by old school Aphex Twin lovers that are now pissing their pants for a logo stamped zeppelin. Get the F#ck out of there and come and treasure hunt in the most pleasurable WASTE put out by Munter S Thomson!

Trust me, everything that you can find here is more exciting than whatever that you have in your pockets (or ears!) right now. Here check out this ‘Sand Crab’! Who throws something like this away? It’s pure genius! This Sand Crab can break dance with an evil grin on its face and scratch vinyl records too! The break dancing Sand Crab is so infectious and sneaky that it’s not only a pleasure to look at, but most definitely a thrill to join the Sand Crab’s wicked dance moves.


Sorry for that, I couldn’t write and do all these insane copy cat dance moves of the sand crab at the same time.. Ah and look what my arms found when falling over the WASTE? Some Rastafarian friendly black box full of sizzling rhythms, burning vocals that burn Babylon down and crumble it like a cookie in a cookie jar. The item is ‘electric wispers’ and feature everything you need and love in breakbeat, bass and electric freakiness for swinging butts and getting high on sensimilla. Good energy and vibes that keeps the pleasure pressure on the kettle!

Munter S Thomson seems to have put also a collaboration with Cursor Minor in the WASTE! Why? Oh why? This should be not wasted but brought out to many ears around the world as it’s like an energy boost that brings a very uprising hammering flow of beats in combination of some very mysterious choices of sound that are thrown in on top. Making it a atmosphere that hangs between some cyber gnome that wants to take over the world and experimental fieldrecordings from something that obviously isn’t a field. ‘GunkDrunk’ it’s called and for sure goes home in my pocket, but you can borrow it if you want.. I might leave some crumbs of it in case you come over and check out this WASTE. (Which you should, really!)

This WASTE is fantastic stuff! Just look what came rolling out of it; A real life ‘DochiDochi’ ! My little sister always begged and begged to get one of these.. She never got it! But Munter S Thomson just throws it in his WASTE ready to pick up and spoon fed it into your ears without even having to beg for it. Listening to this DochiDochi makes the nagging of my little sister seemingly reasonable; it’s a wicked tune! Beats, blobs, energy and impressive house stabbing stabs and the deeper message of well fitting chopped up Rasta vocals for extra ragging effects! This is what they call in the Lions Den a TUNE! I remember my sister saying these exact words; this is a tune, bro! Brothers, sisters come and check out this WASTE as there is plenty of stuff for everyone!

The next thing I just found in the WASTE of Munter S Thomson are ‘Grave cuts from coffin nails’, it’s very modern with plastic and bright neon colors, laser shows and recycle friendly energy, beats, melodic menacing structures that is good for running around with a evil grin on the face. It must be the synths and the flow of beats and excessive use of crashes to eccentric highlight this adventurous find in this wickedly enjoyable WASTE.

With full enthusiasm I’ll do another peek in the WASTE. This time I’ll stick my head in.. Ah look urghhll look urgllll LOOK ughm I think I found th..e… Grhlllthhh.. ‘The Strangler’ !! Or did his gllrrrr hands find me? … …. The precious soft flanel grip on my glubbbbbb throat is a pleasure to gmmmbhlll feel as the endorphins… look at him smiling while… grrmmm… strangeling…  Gurgllll slowly escapes the min..d… Beautiful! It’s gurgle gurgle beautiful to hear the mellow melody when ughhhh glllll slowly feeling gllllll the life of breath….greelllll slipping out of grullllll me….. I leave the glubbbbbb found waste over here…. You mhhsss should check it out grlll over here… Grlllll aargh ::::

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1 Response to Munter S Thomson – WASTE

  1. Linda says:

    yeah, niiiiiice!!! doesn’t suck!!!! “(_(_) \\ //(_)_)”‘ wobble wobble dance dance!
    in case wordpress is going to f* up the above line: that should be a butt moving from left to right….

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