Brztot’s Throne – Hail Satan Hail Brztot

ohlaArtist: Brztot’s Throne
Title: Hail Satan Hail Brztot
cat: FNR055
format: 3.5’ Floppy Diskette (26 copies)
keywords: raw & primitive black metal from Peru
label: Floppy Noise

For the lovers of Beelzebub, the Devil, Lucifer or Satan comes this authentic looking floppy released through a label named ‘Floppy Noise’. There have been other demonic floppy releases coming out on this floppy label, but still I think this one by ‘Brztot’s Throne’ is quite the highlight in its own oeuvre. The title ‘Hail Satan Hail Brztot’ says a lot of the character that is behind this piece, and we might even get the feeling that we are dealing here with an extreme occultist that kindly flirts with the ‘dark side’. But it might just be more of a try-out if ‘Brztot’s Throne’ is fitting the dark glove of darkness or might move on to go and hail Scientology.

But all black humor left aside, this release is actually pretty stunning. First of all the floppy is actually nicely filled with four tracks that content wise are quite worth the money if you decided to bring this fellow home. The first track is one named ‘Human – demon’ and is coming across to me as a illustrative fight of a human either fighting with itself to not become the demon that has been taken over his senses and feelings; or it actually is an actual fight of a human being attacked by an external demon. It’s audio, so the visual imagery that will pop up when listening to this action might be different from listener to listener, but what is clear is that we are dealing here with some kind of dual of a fight between human and demon. What also become rapidly clear is that the actual human in this case has zero chance to beat this evil sounding demon. Even the warm rainfall on the background cannot hide the fact that the human bites to dust as the demon becomes the champion of victory. I think this might be a huge spoiler if you wanted to place a bet on this fight; but if that’s the case, you just have to find a way to erase your brain and move along.

The second track is one named ‘Inverted pentagram in my forehead’. A extreme thing to have inside your forehead, but music-wise it is pleasant to hear someone else their struggles of dealing with this inverted pentagram being stuck in there. If you here this you will feel sympathy for the hell that this person must go through. The pain, the horror; you can hear the demon/creature/human scream as if it is suffering from an incurable faith and even death seems to be an option to go for. But the ‘inverted pentagram’ doesn’t seem to let the victim go that easily as you could hear the sign itself thoroughly finding this torment entertaining enough to not be cut short. If you like to hear some suffering; than this is something you would definitely dig and cherish.

The third track ‘Destroying Leghntovrk’ is of a different kind. Here we can actually hear the action of a band taking no prisoners by rumbling on the drums and freaking out with some nasty riffed loops while a powerful demon spills out its drastic words through the evil sounding flow that might energize the listener to great lengths and perhaps even invite them to join this occult dark side themselves. It’s that kind of action that one needs to hear to get infected with this devilish madness.

The last track ‘Misanthropic feeling… (Instrumental)’ is another form of brutal action, carefully implanted on this floppy full of hardcore guitar action, drums and radical data-loss pleasure! The house might be shaking, the floors breaking as the riffs are being slashed like a fist that hits multiple times at unexpected places. With this in mind, the head will be spinning and probably begging for more where this had come from. You can listen to it as many times as you want, by getting this original quality floppy of darkness over at the labels distributor:

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1 Response to Brztot’s Throne – Hail Satan Hail Brztot

  1. Malven says:

    Lyrical themes: misanthropy, pessimism and satanic jokes. Why satanic jokes? because the Brztot is a character of panels:

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