Material Action – Process Void (video)

matArtist: Material Action
title: Process Void (video)
format: CDr
cat: IR001
keywords: electronic

label: Inverted Records

Pixel pink, neon blue, toxic green.
Moving images; faces. Or a single face multiplied to function as multiple faces. They fill up the screen from sideways top to bottom and left and right. The colorblind might see it differently, but from where my eyes are standing it’s like someone dumped hazardous waste in my pupils and it’s doing strange things with my mind. Is it one of these days again that the world is upside down, or is it really a video clip?

It’s on Youpoop and indeed has the music that fits the ordeal of this visual wizardry. ‘Material Action’ eh? That might ring a bell, a tower clock and a call center full of bells actually! And what’s that song? ‘Process Void ? Isn’t that one of my favorites on the Lobith Sessions album of the band with the identical name of this band? Could this actually be one and the same band as the song and the band’s name are a fitting match that would be a bit much of a coincidence!

Hey! Did I see that face before? Now going from left to right & right to left at the same time: my brain is going into a gridlock. These faces flow so speedy it makes me look towards my own nose
and then again towards my ears.
This is some crazy shit, dudes & dudettes. Ah, and the video is directed by ‘Domagoj Kršić’ I remember that one. It rings a bell somewhere, a couple of Christmas bells really! Isn’t that a great electro act too? And this song.. Is this not out and about on Inverted Records praised by us but also by the real critics (o.a. vital weekly) for its beautiful and original packaging AND recording location?

What’s that? Ah yes, purple and green they go so well together. It’s like Ying and Yan, water & fire and Jip and Janneke. Yellow and blue are just as awesome as a match. Maybe even my favorite match color wise! Black and grey-ish white vaguely resembles the time of televisions with only one channel to receive, but in this video clip it’s like a piece of art. Blue hands? That should be placed in a museum for people to stare at while being completely sober, or indeed be safely kept in this Material Action active action video clip. The change of color of the hands reminds me of something: always wash your hands after watching hands.

The more blockish movement of oil colors that move in and out are also come to good use in this spectacular animation. It triggered some youthful memories of painting with fingerprint and trying to mix the colors in the hope to come across a brand new one. Every experiment became this ugly brownish poop color. You might know it if you ever painted in kindergarten too. But here the visuals are unlike childhood not mixed in the hope to find a new color, which makes the chances zero to one that the poop color would ever come across your screen. The black green and purple are very refreshing to look at and like most of the video are in perfect harmony with the actual music by this ‘Material Action’ band. It’s a pleasure to hear and in a way also a thrill to see it being teamed up with visuals. It’s like if it wasn’t on Youpoop it would surface any hour of the day on the good old MTV of the early days (when they still had actual music videoclips on their channel..)

The flipping skulls are a pure interpretation of how we must feel when going for this audio/video experience. A bit mental, very active, energetic flipping and twisting on this catchy dance music. Open eyes, happy smiling faces and wide open noses to simply don’t miss out on a single bit of the Material Action that is been performed over here. The face, the ear; it’s all interacting with how we must feel when hearing and watching this clip. It’s almost as if standing in front of a mirror and looking at yourself in details and close up while reaction to this music.
The particles of joy circle around, bigger and smaller & bright to keep in touch with your inner experience while watching this ground breaking video animation that for sure had cost a lot of money and render time to make it look this grandiose. The mouth with full lips and shiny teeth smiles in your approval as you know that this was the video clip you had waited your whole life for. So why are you still reading this? Don’t you feel the rush of excitement to see the real thing? Here it is my friends a world premiere video on YIKIS:

If you did not have the record that features the hit song of the above videoclip, you really should support this band and the hard working dedicated DIY label from the Netherlands that has released it. It’s worth all the love and would be glad to find itself a home in your home. Get the album over here:

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