Mystified and Daniel Barbiero – Numinous Transmissions

Artist: Mystified and Daniel Barbiero
title: Numinous Transmissions
cat: treetrunk 304
keywords: industrial crust, crust, drone, noise
label: Treetrunk
reviewer: Johan Nederpel




Stars have been used for many centuries to predict floods, epidemics, kings and even individuals life. The most prominent way is by the means of astrology. The Earth passes through all of the 12 zodiac sings each year. Each sign is given special powers and human behavior.

Deep rumbling noises combined with repetitive chanting of “stars”  and technoid drums set the perfect mood for this release. Soon you will find yourself in a meditative state.  The only downside is the abrupt end of this track.


Rhythmic singing to put yourself in a meditative state. Chanting has been around for a long, long time. Used a lot by monks in their monasteries, from France to Thailand. Chanting for a long time sets your mind free for all earthbound troubles and help you get in touch with the divine.

The chanting in this track is mainly done by the repetitive low sounds. This mixing is done in such a great way that it is hard to distinguish what kind of sounds are used and even when. This makes for an earbugling experience.


太鼓 are the Japanese drums that are most famous for their size. Their origins lay in mythology.

The weird thing is that there are no drums in this track. Just small chirps and deep trainlike sounds passing along.


Ever since humans, or their ancestors, could see and think, they looked up to the sky and wondered what could be seen their. Who has made it, what is beyond it. Who live in the clouds.

Chirping sounds of birds and vast sonic landscapes pass by as the clouds in the sky. Imagining the shapes and wonders in those clouds.


Radio has been used to send out thoughts to everyone who was listening. By these means small ideas could spread much faster than via mouth-by-mouth communication.

The tracks gives the feeling that ideas are falling out of the sky, directly into your mind. The chants pass by slowly on the background while a something huge falls right in front of you.


The noise that rain makes has always been a way to relax your mind. It is subtle in change and thus lets you focus on it .

This track reminds me of the rain series that are on Webbed Hand Records (, on which mystified has released numerous releases. Check this label!


Overall, this release really gets you in a relaxing mood. Take your time too listen to it thoroughly, best equipped with headphones.

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  1. Linda says:

    The link to the release itself is missing from the review:

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