Pollux – Skullscape

artist: Pollux
title: Skullscape
cat: Siro741
keywords: dark ambient, soundscape, sci-fi, ambient, drone
label: Sirona-records http://sirona-records.com/

The devil has arrived and recognized. She owns a resort somewhere in the south or on a island. Her name is Jim and she has a drastic influence on my partner.

Above is a good start for a novel but not a good one for a music review. So let’s try to restart with a new start. I have been loading up on free booze tonight as an infiltrator at some high society meeting of the stars from a faraway country. Everyone there has been tip toeing sideways over the red carpet in search for a toilet and then back again in order to find more free alcohol. A vicious circle that of course has again nothing to do with the music that had been penetrating my ears when I came home. Am I drunk? I seriously do not know as at this moment in time I believe I can still write the same as if I’m sober. I might be immune for alcohol now.. Is that possible? Everything is possible.

I remember writing a long time ago another review for the same artist. I remember that at that moment I wasn’t immune for free alcohol as I saw everything double and the review was like unreadable nonsense. Not that it’s a huge difference than the normal ‘reviews’ that I try to write, but that was a more extreme one. I can’t remember which one it was, I only remember that it was about a release for Pollux. But there are so many Pollux reviews on Yeah I Know It Sucks… It almost appears to suggest something..

Let’s say that the Fan boys and fan girls of Pollux are at the right website to read about there favorite artist. Only if I could just grab some sense back and actually enable to write about the actual music. Let’s do another restart and start all over again.

Pollux. It is the name of one of my favorite artists from Grenoble France. The release in question is named ‘Scullscape’ and is unlike me, a rather odd one. It might be that the free booze is altering the perceptions about oddness, but at this very moment in time I really think it is kind of odd. It starts with some sounds that ridiculously remind me of a sound that appears in a Kraftwerk classic. It might be the ‘we are the robots’ or another thing; it’s hard to remember things when under the influence of free booze. Luckily (and that’s also the oddest part) is that the music features enough empty spaces for thinking purposes. Perfect for spongy soaked peanut brains in an ecstatic rage from drinking too much bubble bobble.

It helps me a great deal this release: it is in generally speaking not too busy or too much mind wrecking material that invokes a washing-machine-like belly waiting for a fountain of puke, but do urges for a lightweight concentration to hear the parts that surrounded the empty parts. Perhaps even the empty parts aren’t empty, as who knows; do you really want to trust a drunk type of bullshit generator? Goth bless you..

I think it has indeed something robotic from the start, some raw data that wants to go out and about, and does it in a way that slowly expect the members of Kraftwerk to come in as winged legless angels that fly around your head. Eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf, sechs, sieben , acht they do in another moment in space and time. But in this release of Pollux, they are just here being a shadow of themselves. No ‘Pocket Calculators’ but more just the batteries that are inside it.

An electronic tiger-cat joins the cloud of futuristic shadow imagery and meows its way through the sky as it shows its claws in a ‘wild thing’ kind of way. The electric cat-like meowing will disappear just like the one in that Disney version of the Alice in wonderland story and makes way for something that brews in the night.

It’s like an evening red, or slight magenta in color and has a fine brew of warm crackles that makes me think of an alien life form that has an appetite for something sweet like a piece of chocolate or perhaps a banana. A futuristic chocolate bar and science fictional banana; but still something sweet enough to fill up the alien’s hungry sounding belly. The sound expands like a comfortable washing machine that purrs. Some howling can be heard in the deep background, or it might be just some backing noise from a spaceship; with the right amount of booze it simply can be anything.

To become even more concerned with keeping in touch with sanity; the music of Pollux becomes strangely melodically melodic without being really melodically melodic. It’s like computer generated bell like sounds starts to fill up the room while a robotic telephone operator is pressing buttons on a dialing machine trying to either contact ‘others’ or perhaps just as a magnetic form of entertainment of  mathematical correct sounding blips and blobs.
The sound becomes more and more dense and louder and it feels as if this alien operator is having lots of fun with generating sounds by interacting and waiting each time for a second what the machine it just pressed comes up with sound-wise.

It becomes sharper, more robotic and for immune intoxicated listeners full of bubble and bobble it even gets kind of claustrophobicly crazy. A steel kind of sound that goes against the madness is ready to defend the sanity but becomes more and more integrated with the whole piece. All marbles have been lost and the brain particles has dissolved in a science fictional spaciousness in which gravity doesn’t exists and certainly isn’t room for being sane. This is ‘Skullscape’ it limitless comes across harmless but will scrape all your sanity out through an enjoyable way leaving you drooling on the floor with a crazy mad stare from your eyeballs.
I might review it again when all sobered up, but for now: this is it.
You can check this science fictional audio road and get your own skull scraped at the following link:

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1 Response to Pollux – Skullscape

  1. Linda says:

    I’ve become a Pollux fangirl! Really love this release, it is too short! And the cover art is simply perfect.

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