Totally Pissed Off – Anarchist Brutality

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would love to inform you about a upcoming new review for a slightly older free netrelease brought to you through the Sirona-Records. It is a short record by ‘Totally Pissed Off’ and its marvelous sounding album title is ‘Anarchist Brutality’. Musical genre’s that hint what you could expect are of the likes that listens too ‘Power-Violence, Crust, Grind & other things. Might I advise you to make sure to be in good health and don’t be too enthusiastic with the volume button as it might result in giving you as a listener a slight encephalalgia.

The release starts with an introduction piece that features a guitar who will greet you through the right etiquette of the western society. Here the promised ‘encephalalgia’ might kick in towards the end, which gives the listener the right timing to reconsider its listening session or indeed go forward and enjoy the work of ‘Totally Pissed Off’.

But to be honest I would not go all mendaciloquent with you, as this might indeed be the music that you perhaps had longed to hear for a very long time. The ‘Christmas Chainsaw Massacre’ is coming across for example as some dodgy characters from a South park episode that went on to manifest a grindcore band that sounds quite noisy and raw, but also extraordinaire in not really knowing if this is a joke or if it is actually meant to be made in serious business style.

From dodgy extra’s in South park the classic work ‘Drugs Are For Thugs’ are perhaps in a similar field, but yet slightly in a different corner. This time it comes across as we had left South park and went down another street named ‘Sesame Street’ . Here we can hear the Muppets Oscar (who lives in a garbage can) and Cookie monster (who doesn’t need no introduction) also perform an active alternative crusty track of cookie crumbling power-violence.

After this moment the release takes another spin with a classic track named ‘Tourtured By Your Reflection’. It starts with an intro of someone who is a anglophone with humor as it can be heard in quoting the thoughts of Ed Gein the serial killer and expressing his laughter, before a lot of rumbling crashes and lo-fi guitar are set off to feature a sinister voice that sounds a bit like Ed Gein would sound like after crawling out from his grave.

The statement made in ‘Your Picture Is Worth 43 Seconds’ Is one that will probably get your refocillation for the day. It’s not your regular tiffin but slams in like a punch in the face and would probably makes you wonder if you had obambulate perhaps at the wrong area of the block.

The last track might give you oneirodynia tonight, but the music is strong and punky with some penetrating buzz fuzz as a magnificent middle part before plunging in some more vocals of nightingales that like to smoke their cigarettes with supernaculum.

The release is very short and by definition won’t give you any languescent feeling as it will fly by before you can even think of changing a channel. It’s an exceptional exoptable collection of tracks that you could download for free at the link at the bottom of this collection of words.

Yours faithfully,

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