Verjault – Killerself

Artist: Verjault
title: Killerself
cat: Plataforma 86
keywords: industrial crust, crust, drone, noise
label: Plataforma Recs

Time to get out of our heads, mashing the place up and express the rage that has been cropping up for years and now needs to pop out like a volcano eruption! If you are doing an office job at the moment of reading than here is your ticket to get out! Blast this release through your skull as ‘Side A’ will bring out your wildest side for ultimate colleges destroying! Loudness, energetic blasts and beats full of borderline instruction that would make you feel the power to finally pick up the hammer and break things! Desks, computer screens, coffee machines, paperwork, typewriters, uniforms! Everything will be having a jab as the fumes of wild energy would probably possess your mind to finally do what you had always wanted to do! Scare the hell out of the others, chase them out or throw them out of the windows! With this music blasting you will be like a superman or super woman on a rampage of expression and after you will be done; you’ll never have to return to your office job ever again! Success guaranteed!

If ‘Side A’ wasn’t enough you could enjoy more wild blasting mental and physical power over a ‘Side B’. No more misses or mister nice; no more bossing around: no more telling what to do and stress on the job! This music brings the ultimate relief, the perfect soundtrack to break out of your cage , smash and break all the windows and explore the wild life of an exciting rampage on the road of joyful destruction! Have a blast, fuck the down pressers! Don’t think about the future but enjoy the life action of the now as you eat this raw footage alive until the aggression smothers away like a fuzzy drink of weird afterthought! Epic stuff for reckless expression! Download now and explode in a epic unsettling adventure and feel reborn for a moment of pure relief in destruction!

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