Shibboleth – Farewell

Artist: Shibboleth
title: Farewell
keywords: experimental, expressive, post-noise, folk, rock, spooky, ireland

Most music releases that go through some formalities go for a intro track, but Shibboleth is truly alternative and starts with a proper ‘Farewell’. A mysterious ending for a beginning that sets a gothic fairytale-like atmosphere of something that could come out of a grave complex with a bunch of sad rabbits dressed in dark cloths. There is something about this work that makes me think of a funeral, but for this funeral’s sake it doesn’t seem to involve real tears or devastated emotions of a loved one being passed away but more a kind of ‘it’s good to have a funeral’ as if it’s a party. Not like a party-party, but you know not everyone enjoys a carnival parade with bright balloons and birthday cakes; some individuals like to enjoy the blackness of the night, the dreadful moon that peeks through dead and bold branches of a half-eaten tree as they enjoy a fine walk through a romantic graveyard. Let’s call it a ‘Farewell’ party.

The EP gives us than a track named ‘the Cannibal’s Standpoint’ which is more alive sounding than the ‘Farewell’. It’s like a whole bunch of scary gremlins, hobbits and gnomes and other oddities had come out to play in the night, screaming, laughing and obviously having a good time. It’s like listening to the private get together vacation of the boogeyman, monsters in the closets and monsters that normally would hide under the beds and are now doing what they like to do in a more open space among equally creepy friends. They might be cannibalizing a cannibal as the highlight of their fun time together; and in that case; we all should be glad not to be standing in the shoes of this unlucky cannibal. Enjoy your meal, creepy crawlers!

Namrog Naes (night walk) is a bit less occupied with hungry monsters enjoying some time off by expressing excessive sounds of joy and freedom. If they are here on this walk they treat it more seriously and keep their mouths respectfully wide shut. A guitar gives the rhythm for the right speed of footsteps to follow and the extra mysterious background fuzz makes the night life of bugs and forest insects even freakier than without. The voice that has been in reverse the entire time is probably drenched with satanic secret messages, but as I’m too lazy to turn the words around in a audio program; the actual meaning or words of a potential curse coming from Shibboleth comes across less harmful than it potentially is. To me it’s a nice accentuation for an evening walk; but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was in reality a camouflaged potentially dangerous dead trap.

A ‘dead’ that might be instantly triggered by the shocking loud expression of an audio expression of ‘The Great Abbys. Without any warning the hell breaks out as the gates of this great Abbys are open and a unholy priest runs around in a state of potential madness while the surroundings and quite possible our hearts and ears all go up in hot flames. Good that Shibboleth started the EP with the farewell as in this track we are obviously too buzzy dying and burning to say ‘goodbye’ in the classic way. Before getting too hot to actually type my last words, here is a link to ‘Shibboleth’s farewell’:

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