keywords: dance, experimental, brass, house, dance-a-thon, electronic
reviewer: Mark X

alright let’s chill out over here with something you simply can’t have too many of: TOO MANY ZOOZ!
Their delicious recently released FANIMALS EP is full of music that has good results when being played for animals of different kind, but by definition will work great on those creatures called humans. TOO MANY ZOOS’s Brass dance comes off fresh and gets pony tails wiggling, asses bumping and shoulders moving. And what about the feet, the legs, the hooves? They will certainly move too. In fact it doesn’t matter as even if you aren’t in possession of something to walk on (you could be a fish with no legs, but with ears..) you would still find a way of maneuvering your earthly appearance to dance someway.

What I personally like the most of this TOO MANY ZOOZ is that they come across as so minimal (there are only 3 of them, right?), but yet bring only the best necessary things out that gets all ‘who can hear’ moving and grooving. It sound highly organic and they for sure don’t need us to write about them as it looks like their music swings all over the blogosphere. It doesn’t really suck (unless you count the sucking and exhaling the right dose of air in and out of their lungs to play those horns!)  TOO MANY ZOOZ is still different enough to share with some potential readers who refrain from reading any other blogs, websites or other entertainment zones who scream ‘GO AND SEE TOO MANY ZOOZ’ as (believing those sources) they must be real eye candy to see;

For people who aren’t able to see this powerful band live, the audio version of this group would do okay to get your own private party started. But checking out these video’s it does seem to be that indeed TOO MANY ZOOZ is sounding the most energetic when they are out on the street and doing their magical power thing in front of those silly 2 legged creatures. The elephants and parrots would have a hard time overruling this band but probably would love to join in.  Their ‘F-Note’ EP is still hotter than hot but as some like it new.. their latest  TOO MANY ZOOZ’s FANIMAL EP can be heard and obtained over at the following link:

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