Emerge – Crack

artist: Emerge
title: Crack
keywords: ambient, ambient drone, noise
label: Charlotte Sometimes http://charlottesometimes.bandcamp.com

Emerge from the experimental label Attenuation Circuit emerges on a different label named Charlotte Sometimes. The work Emerge brought over here would make Charlotte Sometimes wants to change her name into ‘Charlotte all the Times’ because the release named ‘Crack’ is surprisingly beautiful and unsurprisingly addictive.
It is one that you have to hear in a respectful environment that is rich of silence, just because the fragile crack of Emerge deserves to be heard without external background noises.

It’s only then that the big hollowness becomes alive and you will feel that the work of this producer is the only reasonable friend that understands your very own loneliness. It brings a certain hug to the scene as it breaths out a deep sounding breeze as humane fingers scratching in a sea of reverb. The crack of Emerge is a place of shelter, something to hide in and feel safe. But as the track moves on the fingers begin working out on the crack more and more. The crack becomes larger and the feeling of safety might make place of a form of excitement for the upcoming unknown that might face if the surface Emerge had us hidden under will be finally peeled open and reveal the sounds of the world behind it.

Deep sounds can be heard from behind the crack and it might be the roar of a wild hungry tiger that awaits until all the cracks have been cracked and the animal can finally feasts on our curious fingers (and the rest of the body). In other words the solution for a possible addiction to Emerge’s crack is just waiting behind the corner.

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