Virgo A – Ambient Softworks #1

artist: Virgo A
title: Ambient Softworks #1
keywords: ambient, ambient drone, electronic, IDM
label: Charlotte Sometimes

The lovely world of Virgo A comes to life in a certain innocent sweetness.
It all happens in the context of ‘Birdwatching’ in which lucky listeners will get a refreshing surprise in being music that for some reason comes out in an unexpected way.
It’s what professional music reviewers would call a typical Homer Simpson’s Doh moment.
At first you can hear birds accompanied with quite standard ambient sound patches which automatically  turns the mind into thinking that it’s going to be a one in a million similar sounding ambient drone pieces… but it’s nothing like that as this was all just a setup to make the effect when the stage curtains opens (showing the real beauty of this track) just more epic and orgasm-worthy. A wonderful well thought electronic beauty steps up and takes the earned crown only worn by most honorable beauties of music once a year.

The ‘Blue Song’ continues this mood of prettiness as a sharp short intro tone launches us in a friendly melodic world that is perhaps more to the point production wise but as long as those points are pointing at the stars that sparkle (within the music as well as the sky) it’s all good.

Another fantastic skilled creation is the longest track on this release named ‘ Don’t Worry Little Blue Dolphin, Don’t Cry Never More’ which guess what? features the sound of a whaling little baby dolphin in a blue water world that functions as a thin curtain that let the sunshine shine through.When a rhythm comes in the atmosphere of ambient with a beat in the ocean’ becomes like a pleasant new reality. The little blue dolphin get’s together with the sound of a human baby as the rays of underwater lights light up the warm tones that gets some happy slapping from the rhythmic elements. This track is so well done mixing wise that even my crappy cheep headphones are enablers for a fantastical fantasy underwater world that is very visible when closing the eyes. No swimsuit needed to kiss a dolphins nose in its natural habitat thanks to the music of Virgo A.

The last track (celephaïse) is a surprising mix that starts with a piano, hosts deep and bright ambient sounds as a big electric kicking beat marches in slowly but loudly. When they part for a bit a cloud full of manipulated French chatter can be heard before bringing the whole bunch back together again for a final finale. Get these pretty ambient softworks over at the following link:

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