Arnold Faber – Lounge For Lizards

Artist: Arnold Faber
title: Lounge For Lizards
Keyword: chill, chill-out, lounge, electronic, funk, toronto

Lounge for Lizards or as they say among lizards ‘The Lizard Lounge’ is a fine place for lounging lizards. The Lizard Lounge has three large rooms but the most prominent one is the ‘chill zone’ in which Lizards could spend plenty of time chilling. Pillows on the floor, a classy disco-ball turns in the low level ceiling and the favourite Lizard delicatessen and refreshing Lizard beverages are of course all served in a good and appropriate lizard surface. The lizard waiters swing their tales politely not to step on any of the chilling lizard lounge costumers who obviously find themselves in a perfect chill out state of mind, not only because of the cozy and relaxed environment but it also got a great deal to do with the special lizard friendly lounge music.

The second room in this famous Lounge for Lizards experience is called ‘New Blue Soft-Shoe’ a for humans perhaps a weird name for a lounge room, but for Lizards it’s absolutely normal. You know, soft blue shoes are one of those preferred things that the lizard population is very fond off. It’s one of these precious things that they can cuddle with, give to friends and sniffing them.. oh sniffing them makes these Lizards most relaxed. In fact all the lizards in this room of the Lizard Lounge are so chilled out that they can just watch the ceiling for hours. The room has its own fitting soundtrack that won’t disturb any of the lounging sniffing soft blue shoes users when finding themselves in a comfortable position.

The third room is strangely called ‘Beware Of Midnight Mickie’. It’s named after ‘Midnight Mickie’ who had ruined the lounge visiting lizards quite some years ago by selling the customers fake soft blue shoes from under the counter. Midnight Mickie’s soft blue shoes were sold for a cheaper price but were extremely addictive but because of dodgy illegal manufacturing, the sniffing lizards who bought from Midnight Mickie became terminally depended on this dodgy product with fatal health issues. Midnight Mickie was of course banned from the Lizard Lounge, but a little warning by naming this chill out zone after what had happened made the chilled out Lizards always beware for Midnight Mickie or other Lizards who had the same bad intentions as Mickie.
The Lizard Lounge is not available to visit for humans, but you can hear the soundtracks that they play over at the following link. (trust me, it is also for humans good chill out music to relax too.. you might even try to sniff a soft blue shoe.. but make sure it isn’t one of Midnight Mickie…)

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