Head Joint – Inspired By

Artist: Head Joint
title: Inspired By
keywords: electronic, experimental, psychedelic, ambient,
label: Charlotte Sometimes http://charlottesometimes.bandcamp.com

Well excuse me.. I’m so sorry.. But can you wait just a little second or so ? as I’m having trouble typing to you and rolling a Head Joint… Yeah that’s right; a Head Joint.

What? You don’t know what a Head Joint is? Oh geez.. Well okay.. Because you are so nice, I’ll roll my Head Joint later after explaining it to the curious among you.

Okay a Head Joint is basically the seeds of a lot of instruments and equipment with lots of various and diverse influences of different styles and music genres. You have to mix it with the creative minds of Cictor Rivkin & Michael Jobborn and then roll it all up in a paper, light it on fire on one side and the other side you can place between your lips (mind you I’m talking about the ones on your face) and then you can inhale the Head Joint until the content is all turned into ashes.

Why? Well if you inhale this Head Joint properly a right amount of musical vapors will come out. Even people not engaging in smoking a Head Joint (it might be shared among the lips of friends) can hear the music as it will come out like little clouds from the smokers’ ears.

Today because of you being so interested in the content of a Head Joint, I’ll make a special flavored one. Yes, you can just add any kind of music you like really, just make sure you crumble it and spread it nicely in the paper among the usual ingredients. For now I thought to add some inspirational flavors of the music of Tangerine Dream and John McLaughlin/Shakti..

Okay.. Give me a second, right? Okay.. Thanks..

{the crumbled music, styles and equipment and Cictor Rivkin & Michael Jobborn is mixed with the just discussed inspiration, rolled up in a paper with some saliva that functions as glue}

Ah, okay thank you for your time.. Do you want to have the honor to light the Head Joint up?

Cool! Well here you go my dear listener. Yes, that’s right.. Hold it between your lips like that and suck on it a bit while I light the other side with this lighter that the angel wings forgot in the previous review.

{click click tssss}

Oh yes reader, you are doing it! Inhale and suck on the musical Head Joint.. Can you feel it? No?
Inhale deeper, it has to go through the lungs towards the ears.. Hold it in.. Yes, hold it in before turning blue from the lack of fresh oxygen and then blow it our through the nose and if possible through the ears..
Excellent.. Excellent!

Are you sure you have never smoked a Head Joint before? … How are you feeling? Pretty relaxed right? A bit powerful too, he? Yes Head Joints are known for its powerful relaxing ways.. What? Ah yes, the fumes have a futuristic taste that’s totally normal.. Hey.. Can I have some too?

Thank you..

{puff puff}

Look my friend I can hold the smoke of the Head Joint for 3 minutes… blow it out of my left ear and then out of my right ear. Little musical clouds! Ah I believe you had smoked all the way through the Tangerine Dream inspiration, I have clearly the honor to suck on the weird part of this Head Joint. I can hear trumpets, shakers, tambourines, tripped out hippy who sings as if being private under the shower in a whole Brady bunch of Stoney Maloney played instruments that kind of live a life on their own and yet are awkwardly together. Damn it’s tripping me out.. The whole floor and house everything is moving and you my friend, you look like a baboon.. Haha I’m sorry this Head Joint is pretty strong.. Too much inspiration I guess..
You want to smoke the last bit?
Or want to have a full one? I prepared it just in case.. I could see from a distance that you might be a Head Joint smoker pretending not to know what it was.. Haha.. Well here you go buddy, enjoy it responsibly:

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