Sequentialwork – Monkey Say Monkey Doo EP

Artist: Sequentialwork
Title: Monkey Say Monkey Doo
Cat: bump198
Keywords: breakbeats, techno, minimal, house, electronic,
Label: Bump Foot
reviewer: Mark X

Monkey Say Monkey Do is a fresh sounding breakbeat orientated track featuring funky beats and what sounds like a smart human language speaking monkey at the microphone. I don’t know what it sings, something about the time? Its 45 , 35? It doesn’t matter really as this monkeys voice is cute and adorable & the rolling happy beat-works are a great match for the monkey talk and doing what it does. Don’t expect a monkey trapped in a zoo throwing poop at the wall, but one free as a bird and out and about swinging of happiness for its own entertainment. (Of course you can join in and be entertained too)

The second track is named ‘very’ and features no monkey and is compared to the previous beat work a very nice and chill out slow house track that has all the things to make it smell authentic. You know the claps, some easy going percussion and the unmistakable house stabs that makes this kind of music so classic and yet so timeless. I know that my mind should like the monkey-tune more because it’s cute and came with some funky banana-friendly beats, but as a sucker for old school minimal techno house stuff I guess I would give high ranking stars to praise this side of the release.. But as nobody cares (or shouldn’t care..) for personal preferences and opinions of wanking reviewers; you should hear these two tracks for yourself. They are very different from each other which makes it easy to find your own favorite between the two. I have a feeling you’d like the monkey more, but who knows you might find houses cute too (and they are clear from poop throwing reputations..) . Find out which one is your favorite by hearing them over at the following link:

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