Stefano Balice – four fails for piano

Artist: Stefano Balice
title: four fails for piano
cat: SPTOtfSP036
keywords: classical, piano, lobit
label: SPTOtfSP

Stefano Balice let his fingers thrill a piano, he touches them, presses them with enough pressure to get a sound going. In fact Stefano Balice plays the piano like a composer on the loose but then pretty stuck to a chair in front of this piano. He plays and plays, fingers go up and down, pressing the keys and letting them go again. Compositions emerge made on the spot and for that spot only. Luckily Stefano Balice did press a record button before taking a seat behind this piano because it would be so shameful if we would have missed out on these four precious fails for piano.

The first one is ‘eclissi di mare’ and then he composes one named ‘allegro bipolare’, followed by ‘sul filo della gola and it all ends with a work named ‘carcasse (ancora due mesi mezzo di SerT). I think it’s Italian, but it might be just composers language.. You just never really know when dealing with piano playing minds like that one of this Stefano Balice. If you want to hear it and are up for some piano failures, than please feel free to get these lovely fails for piano at the following download link:

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