(o)†hers – NEEDS

Artist: (o)†hers
title: NEEDS
keywords: dead house, ebm, experimental, idm, ambient, drag, witchouse, cold spring

Individuals all have different needs. One needs to change its diaper and another person needs to drastically take a shower. Somebody needs a drink and someone else needs a pair of teeth. These are just a few examples as there are too many needs to mention. Let’s focus on (o)†hers’s Needs as they are more selective and for easy understanding; reduced to four.

The first need of (o)†hers is basically all that (o)†hers needs at once. And frankly I can use some of these needs too. A shimmering low laying beat, nice dirty sounding noises and of course some fearful scream of someone else then our own. It’s good to lay low in and do dirty needs also known as dirty deeds.

(o)†hers also needs GHosts which is understandable as once they are trapped and stuck to haunt the place it’s very rare that they will move on to another realm. In company of (o)†hers they probably don’t want to leave too with this artists grandeur sound of thematic music troubled souls (alive and passed away) can find enough fanfare to surpass their lifetime.

(o)†hers needs (very important!) his medications. Medications are an important factor as you can hear in his audio need over here in this little list of needed things. Medications to stimulate or suppress dark murderous feelings, medicines to get rid of the shakes, the splashes of watery diarrhea and the fatal urge to Go into DIY work around the house. Without medications the world would be a strange place, although with medications it might be just even knot stranger in the mind.

The last thing in the list of needed things of (o)†hers is of course the downfall of angels so the good hands of this creative character can pick them up and add them to the profound collection. If there are no angels around it might be that the artist will score some by first sending some friendly pure and innocent humans down to wherever it is angels are being made. It might be a bit of a mixture of good times at the beach, some theme park of murder and a little bit of a all mass murder scene, but hey looking at the artwork of (o)†hers what would you expect? Flowers? (o)†hers knows what it needs and simply makes sure to get it by any means necessary. Or well, that’s what my ears believe when hearing this little but confronting release.

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