Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności – Dżon

Artist: Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności
title: Dżon
keywords: alternative, lo-fi, electronic, folk, pop, experimental, crazy, weird, game, punk, opera, DIY, Poland
label: Weakie Discs http://www.weakiediscs.blogspot.com/

The Dżon album by Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności has some very fun sounds and comes across like listening to a creative lo-fi electro folk with great rhythms and insane originality. One moment you are thinking its punk and another you are doing an opera with drumming bunnies. It isn’t a necessity to understand the Polish language although it would probably give the music another deeper meaning than it being great fun music. It makes me want to learn the language, just because of this release and how jolly good and happy it sounds.

The melodies are coming across sweet and yet very raw and punk; there is a really nice buzzing energy captured in here. Good music for gaming if the sounds of your gameconsole is broken and you need something else to replace it to keep the game exciting. Even if it isn’t broken, it would be okay to just switch it off and play Dżon instead. But if you aren’t into gaming (I have no interest in gaming) the album is just as great as a standalone for private parties, dancing in the kitchen and just picking up the berries of joy of creative fun loving craziness.

There are some real genius freestyle tracks in here that are a thriving mix and match of genius and slight insanity. The tune Jazda Bez Masła is a great example of being all over the place and making it impossible to figure out what is the direction of the piece; creating a anarchistic friendliness that is good listen to most willingly will flabbergast listeners in the happy way.

^^ the physical edition of this fun release is green and nifty! Still available and absolutely a recommendation as its full of jolly goodness!

For people who want to have something more of a happy oldschool sound that recommended acts like ‘50hertz’ and Slagsmalsklubben made popular, the ‘To Tylko Test’ tune would be an excellent point on the listening agenda. But if you have a listening agenda, you just have to listen to the whole album as ‘Jestern Makolagwa’ is just as cookie fun as for the excellent positive ‘let’s go!’ tune performed in the excellent hit ‘Robbie Williams Uratował Mi Życie’ which is one that will make sure to bring a smile upon the face no matter which language you speak, read or dance too. This is universal happiness with a lovely rhythm, great sounds and pleasant craziness that you want to join.

Personally I love every single track of them, although I have to say that the album gets stronger and stronger the more you go through it. This album is totally not a bummer! It’s full of creative strangeness in which every track functions like a little surprise with different elements or touches, without drastically changing the energetic mental state of  the jolly good times.

Poland should be proud to have Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności presenting the country, as I could imagine this album being shared among many foreigners who love alternative, creative fun lo-fi mental coockoo music; also known as Good vibes!
Absolutely recommended!

Let the fun spread all around the globe!!
As this crazy fun is too good to be kept as our little secret!
Order it on a nifty looking (very limited) cassette
or go for a download option at the link below:

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