Darkbox – Hold Me

Artist: Darkbox
title: Hold Me
cat: FreeQ031
keyboards: ?
label: Quantum Bit
reviewer: Mark X

‘Hold Me’ by ‘Darkbox’ is a free release consisting of two cool tracks. One is named
‘sakura’ and the other one is one named ‘Hold Me’ which basically unleashed my brakes.
You need to pull your sleeves up for a pleasurable sleaze that is this tune of science fictional pop.
It is so candidly decorated with innocent shooting of toy lasers that dancing might be a logical reaction when putting this one on.

This song deserves your ears and armpits to be exposed so to fully enjoy the smell of self-baked onions and infiltrate your ears with the great electronic emo pop. A brand of music that is superbly done over here and the only reason why the sleeves should be pulled up is to make you all teary from the exposure of your own onion smell. It’s serious music that needs a serious face with wet eyes for the full experience.

If you want to honor this moment completely you should dress down (or up) in black. Don’t worry a t-shirt would be fine. Just make sure it is one of those that expose the armpits. That is important business, although highly personal business.

If for any reason you do not have the ability to pull up your sleeves, or simply do not have a required onion flavor hanging under your arms or (it can happen) no black clothes..

…Well than just forget about it and just listen to the track as it has nothing to do with clothes, onions and armpit exposure. It’s a very good track, almost poppy even. Not like bubble gum pop but more of a serious kind. It could be even described as “Dark Romantic” which is a genre for style and not a common box for music.

The highlight of the track comes at a fine break down. One in which the wobbling baseline prevails in the beat and the singer sings the appealing words of ‘the sweetest cake’.

See, who needs to roll up sleeves for onions clouds if we can have cake instead? Might it be a cheese and onion cake? A black sweet cake? One that contains a sexy body that jumps out for a ‘dark romantic’ dance?

I must stop reviewing as I can’t get rid of this urge to write about onions. I repeat this song Goth nothing to do with onions. It’s a very good tune and it got my head bumping. It perhaps bumped too hard and the marbles rolled out leaving me rumbling with sweaty onion armpits. My honorable excuses for that.
But I’ll promise to make it up with the words for the second song.

This one is named ‘sakura’ and after opening it’s gate a heavy flow of great synthesizer sound is popping out and being played melodically and yet with a darkened atmosphere. There is a beat which kicks ass and plays along the melodic music that would be great fun to play at party’s that are in the dark. Not because there is no electricity, but just because this music will do well in dark parties. Vampires, gothics, emos and electro punks in a moody mood.

Sakura has no vocals but is melody wise quite the catchy catcher. Staying in my head and probably haunting me in my sleep as punishment for my onion nonsense.
But the ‘hold me’ is a solid dark electronic Goth pop track that should be taken seriously as it is done well and sounds as professional as it can be. Get these two great tunes over here:

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