Ekoplekz / Drvg Cvltre

Artist: Ekoplekz / Drvg Cvltre
format: 7” vinyl  digital download
label: New York Haunted https://newyorkhaunted.bandcamp.com
reviewer: Willem van O.

A split between two experimental electronic artists is a bit like a flip of a coin. Sometimes it’s a head and at other times it’s a number. This coin of Ekoplekz and Drvg Cvlture is both for the head but each a different number.

Ekoplekz’s ‘So Allein Replekz’ turns the surroundings of encountering listeners in a semi Sci-fi world with small bursts of electric sound that comes across as a setting of alive and breathing. Something extraordinary that gives the ears a non-stop flow of information that we can take home and try to decipher.

On the side of Drvg Cvltvre sits a track named ‘like cattle you run’ which comes over as very direct and to the point tune in the way that it’s made to get us as being ‘cattle’ all under a spell of hypnotic music. We run but we also dance all mass to the rhythm that Drvg Cvlture feeds our minds, our feet, arms and the rest of the body.

Two different takes on experimental electronic music, but at the same time a perfect fit. Both play tricks on the mind and right now they just hypnotized me enough to tell you to check them out and buy it on vinyl so you can indeed try to flip it as if it is indeed a coin. But be careful as you don’t want to get this precious record ending up with scratches.
Get it over here:

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