Various Artists – Poverty Electronics Vol. 2

artist: Various
title: Poverty Electronics Vol. 2
keywords: electronic, experimental, hip-hop, poverty-electronics
label: Poverty Electronics

Schemawound hits the right touch to inform us all about the theme that this compilation consists off. A theme of ‘poverty’ electronics that keeps most of the underground artists ‘underground’ and not performing above somewhere in the mainstream spotlights. This place and also this compilation is a collection of many music makers that are perhaps not rich in materialistic standards but music wise they are certainly not poor in their creative outputs. The poverty track by Schemawound takes a minimal approach that with its limited sound manages to make the best out of it.

Wozzeck throws in more sounds and also quite some needed energy to really get the poverty electronics up and running. A great selection of what other could consider as electric junk are now reassembled, rearranged and composed as a completely new and recycled form of excitement.

The third spot in the compilation is for a track by ‘Date With Dead’ which takes a more relaxed approach compared to the tune we heard before although this doesn’t mean that there is less interesting sounds used. The sounds in this composition are very cool and nicely manipulated & triggered with bouncing elements, rattling and great sample use.

Ryan Stanley is another poverty electronic artist that brought a whole bunch of scrapyard sounds and mix and matched it as done by magic and superglue all together creating an exciting mix of big beat electric poverty jazz! It’s very experimental in how it all sound but yet it manages to follow some kind of strategic style that keeps it funky and understandable.

John Thoresen brings in a work named ‘glower’ and is probably done by sampling the pipe-works of a rusty and not working shower. This is the true work of a sound engineer that manages to create something with very little and makes it worth a listen by making the music relaxed but strangely psychedelic friendly.

Can someone please pick up the phone?

Mhezesent brings in a great track with what seems to me a telephone ringing sound as a recycled instrument. If you are not in to telephones you will still be able to dig this tune as it has a phat fantastic bombastic hip hop beat that almost makes me wish to spit some words about poverty over it.

mutanT.R.I. brings a surprising easy listening piece to the compilation, giving our ears a soft realm of breaths of sound. Half way it gets psychedelic enough to feature a singing cat (with its nails out) and imaginable beats to jump in.

Talking about cats.. The next track is done by ‘Big Purr’ which really seems to be a perfect match with the work of mutanT.R.I. Although it is here more a soft brew of crisper sounds that even though the projects name; doesn’t seem to feature a cat. It’s a good one for chilling out,some kind of a cat-less chill out after party for stray cats.

Nathan J Carter gives us ‘Doom Electronics I’ which comes with a real sounding drumkit and a electronic experimental sound that seem to stimulate a sound of a parrot being squeezed for the right tones and expression.

A Raja’s Mesh Man brings a fine stew of little tiny sounds that could be made of paperwork, or little tiny matches or other soft crisper things. In the beginning it sounded as it was done in real time but the sounds starts to loop and prevail in an minimal soft dance step for experimental minimal people in need for maximum poverty music.

NRIII brings a track that starts with a voice in the depth that teams up with the squeak of some gooses up in the front. A strange soup of sounds makes way of a Donald Duck who is in this case obviously possessed by a demon. The thematic electronic background that the voice of Donald comes out of would be a great soundtrack for if they ever make a alternative more experimental remake of ‘the exorcist’.

DJ Conical Bore brings a electric trippy work with a minimal and slightly comical flavor. It’s like the triple love child of experimental electronica, minimalism and jazz.
A bit weird but the poverty people love it!

Sickle Cell Maneuvers brings a wild track that got me all up in flames about it. It’s a mad work that is equally genius in the sounds that are being used and abused and how they are composed to create an excessive rush of greatly programmed intelligent rhythmic beat work. Excellent stuff!

Der Domestizierte Mensch brings a sad sounding piece of melodrama to the poverty compilation. Luckily we are remembered that it’s an ‘electronic’ poverty situation as the saddened piano piece is abruptly speeded up making it strangely feel more positive without actually changing the composition. A great example of what a difference electronic manipulation can do to mood and atmosphere.

The ‘powertrip’ by ‘Stormhat’ has a nice nasty high frequency that plays with the mind as if it’s a dog whistle we where it supposed to hear. It’s not the only thing in this power trip but for some reason it is the more dominating sound overruling the others.

Time has come to get a donation of free coffee and luckily for us among the electronic poverty line there is always a ‘cool person’ who keeps the mind cool and scores us a Lo-fi coffee and a spoon to steer it all together.

Rubbish brings a untitled track (probably because it’s rubbish?) and sounds like manipulated fieldrecordings of crickets in one ear and some muffled far away fire in the other.

The last track is one by AG Davis and is titled ‘poem’ and sounds like an excellent chopped ray of words, sounds, birds, chipmunks and other things. All perfectly glued to getter in hyper speed to form a hyperactive form of electronic dada-ism.
This form of poor poetry is a great official ending for this compilation,
and also time for me to wrap this review up.
Check out the tracks by these poverty electronic artists over at the link:

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