Alex Spalding – Dead Pulse

Artist: Alex Spalding
Title: Dead Pulse
Cat: NJCDR-0000
keywords: techno, downtempo, noise, experimental, electro
label: Noise-Joy

Accumulation is the first piece of experimentation on this dark release of someone who’s name we have never heard of on YIKIS; mister Alex Spalding. It starts and moves forward with a Darth Vader-like theme loop that keeps hanging so the man in the dark suit and asthmatic mask can’t seem to enter the room in its full attire. It isn’t needed as the other sounds that this (unknown to us creator) Alex Spalding has arranged are enough to keep the place as captivating as possible. The loud almost gun like shots from its beginning to a more pleasant beat orientated loop with soft watering noise towards the ending. It’s highly minimal but not giving a minimal feeling; the same as it’s dark vibe that is coming across as seemingly dark but yet feels more like a bit of grey with some neon pink. It’s a completely different style than the artist (that we have never heard off) is doing in the nowadays.

The track named ‘Atrophied Cognition’ is one that makes my ears tingle in the good way. It starts with a expressive flubber sound that manages to sound wet, dirty, fresh and buzzingly energetic. This main ingredient gets a whole arrangement of noisy friends that meet up and pass along before they all disappear. They than leave us with a calm focus of sound that recreates a moment of something that walks up and down a staircase. At the end we get a soft reward by meeting a soft purring cat sound making the journey one that feels like one of coming home.

The third track named ‘Coagulative Response Fluid’ is funky and up my alley. And loud and bombastic enough to be heard in your own private alley. Think techno punk industrial meet acid in an experimental fatness. When you think that you have heard enough fat rhythm that can’t be topped this tune will bring in a exclusive massive aggressive take-no-prisoners beat that sets the ears on fire and you burn while dancing happily ever after in the flames. Absolute a must have hear mash up that would make every regular deejay a instant hero if they played this tune on a boring party. It is strange that we never heard of this producer as with his big balls this Alex Spalding should be definitely more in the picture. Or at least be credited with the right skill of head stomping classic active dance music of pure hammering poison. Very wicked and strong!

With ‘ovum’ the never featured before producer goes all nasty on us with a soft rhythmic beat and brain and ear terrorizing high tones that find the green pass to go through because of them being so funky. When a nice clap kicks in the swing is really rolling and we can a bit of history that reminds us of the things that we don’t know but have heard that the producer is doing in the nowadays. There is even a hint of a computer chiptune-ish melody to get the highly technological sounding dance track a little bit of a lighter flavor.

The next track could be a complete E.P. on its own. It’s more than 17 minutes in length and that certainly means that it’s like an adventure in the adventure. Fine space grasshoppers can be heard hopping in an easy relaxed way while other experimental fuzz decorates the jumps with care. Half way through the space grasshoppers jump in an area of weightlessness and their jumping sound changes shape and becomes more the focus of attention. A rhythmic exposure that perhaps gets more consistent later on and less the jump of a beauty contesting space hopper. Later on the jumps are more a directional one way of flying and someone is doing some energetic tap-dancing to fully show off the speed that the space grasshopper is flying through sound barriers until even the creature starts to make extra tones from surpassing itself in sportive activity. The end comes with the space hopper having a lot of chit chat to highlight it being a better jumper and flying personality than the likes of superman. He swoops into the great big sky never to return in this track again! (Unless you play it again..)

From the previously heard ‘playgrounds’ the album goes to a strange piece named ‘Progenesis’. It first might trigger the listener in being one that is empty, but it’s just more of a slow starter. But when the first high frequency beeps in your ear you will know that this is one of those mood setters that are not to be missed. A fraction of a repetitive melody, very light and sweet fills the space up with a fragile sense of innocence and perhaps even a soft fragrance of love. It comes and goes as to give the listener some time to get used to hear a pure moment of personal exposure of the feelings of an artist.. When we are adapted to this mindset the melody gets an extra friend to mingle around with.

Alex Spalding aka ‘the artist that we have never heard off’ throws in the towel of sensitivity and start the next track “Seduction (Prolonged)” with a fresh sounding new start. A relaxed stepping beat that comes across as if it is made of glass brings other sweet teacup friendly noises that are of a petite and friendly kind. The result is quite minimal but resolutely cute.

Prepare yourself for the ‘Soulblot’ track as this one might catch you by surprise. It’s a shimmering rhythmic orientated work that has the same effect as seeing two headlights of a train getting bigger and bigger while being in a tunnel. It is safe to watch from afar but as it might run you over and drag you along the rest of the train rails under the vehicle.

The final track of this album by someone we have never ever featured on this blog and do not know who it is, is one named ‘warm’ which is one that honors it’s title as it’s full of warmth induced by a lovely sound of data loss and the melodic bell like pretty friendly funky sounds and relaxed beat. A pretty piece that makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside. This album is a great first take into the world of this previously never heard off producer and I’m personally looking forward to hear more of this noise-joy artist in the near future. You should check it out soon as it’s not only a good thing to hear, it is also very free and previously only 14 other people had indulged in playing this work from the site which makes you feel even more special while enjoying this well-kept music with your own ears. Download it here:

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