MushroomWavved Collar – Everything Ends

Artist: MushroomWavved Collar
title: Everything Ends
cat: 8R091
keywords: electronic, lobit, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens

MushroomWavved Collar’s latest adventure on the 8kbps specialized label 8ravens starts with a extremely nice and chilled track named ‘elevator music’. The beginning might trigger listeners into thinking that this is the music for summer days and happy relaxed afternoons, but when the tune takes a 180degrees into a strange funk zone those normal summer day afternoons have become slightly more bizarre than expected. It might involve you to do some dancing on a mix of funky beats, crying opera and some dark but cool housed up melody. It’s a strange ‘elevator’ in which this ‘elevator music’ could be heard, but then again I hardly travel by elevator so I don’t know what is going on music wise in most elevators.

The track ‘blank’ is a pleasant and original piece of strange music that features a vocal repeatedly saying the title of this track while a smooth melodic brew drags itself in our ears. It got some nice down and dirty baseline sounds that carry the positive electronica in a fine way.

Another great tune is ‘light’ which also highlights the great skill of MushroomWavved Collar to make some powerful melodies that come across as light weight but have a very positive vibe and feeling over them which not should be brushed away out of your memory-hole. The music gets a nice experimental jazzy electro feeling with pleasant choice of synthetic sounds and feel good material.

‘white darkness’ is a title that says something about dualism, and it comes across that this title is a fitting one with the actual music. It’s a balanced mix of being bright and positive but there is also a shimmering dark feeling to it. In my opinion the positivity of the ‘everything ends’ release prevails from the darker side in tone, but that might just be my own interpretation. The track has a lovely middle part in which the mellow sound really shines and flourishes making me confused if I have to shed a tear from happiness or from sentimental sadness. A choice that I couldn’t make keeping the tears where they are kept before rolling out, and just enjoyed the memorable melodic music of this excellent electronic producer.

The next tune is ‘re-sourmilk’ which is one of a stranger kind, making me feel as if the artist has chopped up short bursts of hip-hop music or of some other counter culture I’m not really familiar with and recycled it and claimed it as its own in a strange milky soup of electronic experimentation.

The last track might be the most melodramatic on the album. It was expected perhaps as this is the one titled ‘evething ends’ and is of course the ending of this wonderful little album. It has a theatrical feeling of chill out music that luckily gets the company of a beat that keeps the music from being too emotional. There are some nice surprises along the way (a funky baseline make a great appearance & bright uprising sounds towards the end that bring a nice ring to it) but in general it’s a nice shimmering atmosphere that (like the complete release) I couldn’t describe better than being of the ‘positive’ kind.

I really enjoyed this album, a great work especially if you think about that it is done in a ultra-fine lobit rate. I mean when listening to this work you completely forget how low it is as the producer’s sound is absolutely full of sound and happenings which is a remarkable achievement on its own.
Next to being technically a great victory for lobit music, it is also just really a great album with nice melodies that trigger bright emotions or even get some funk out of your guts. Grab the album over here:

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