Shikabala – Calor do Deserto

Artist: Shikabala
title: Calor do Deserto
cat: Siro749
keywords: Harsh Noise Wall, Drone
label: Sirona-Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

Shikabala is a name that sounds lovely in pronunciation, but don’t expect a flower field of love when listening to the free record named ‘Calor do Deserto’. And if there was a flower field somewhere in there this ‘Shikabala’ sound makes sure it will be overruled in some kind of typhoon. The ‘Galamba’ track does not give any introductions or warnings but goes straight in storm mode. It’s over before you really know what had been happening. It isn’t harsh but for some reason it fits a video like this.

The Dizolá track takes it more easier and is less ‘bad weather-like’ , we can even trigger the mind in thinking that it is ambient. It is being noise without being of the provoking kind, more a pretty layerd field of sound that stands out when it traps itself in moments in silence to than fully return like a reoccurring wave to the beach. When the track fully goes forward again there is no red traffic light to stop it.  Organic melodies can be heard somewhere shining through the noise to celebrate the green light and all I can say that it’s a little bit long in my opinion. Perhaps another traffic light will pop up soon with a different color?

the last track (Zorotá ) obviously picked up to the expressed opinion and became this very short track. But it also could be described as a extensional version of the previous lengthy one. It fits perfectly and comes to a halt when the sound stops in a single flow.

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