Eisenlager – Crazy English Summer

artist: Eisenlager
title: Crazy English Summer
keywords: expérimental, avant-garde, dark ambiant, electronic, industrial
label: Midnightradio11

Eisenlager gives us a funtastic summer album that starts with a crazy doses of energetic rumble that gets us all in the mood for a fine party! Move the chairs aside and let a fictional audio vacation begin with a radical dance of happy madness.

Than a deep laid back beat drums in a tempo that can be interlocked with our own exciting heartbeat. There it is! A real sound of feel good summer guitar funk that brightens up the mood like free cooled drinks on a hot day.

The third track on the release is more of a different kind. It’s a bit more serious and comes to me across as if we are stranded with the car somewhere half way our Holliday travel. The cars and other traffic passes by as the artist makes the best out of this moment by rearranging the slight disappointment of not being able to travel through directly into something of a more wonderful kind. It’s like thoughts drive out of the musicians mind making the view of the highway in to something that on its own was worth traveling for. The unexpected stop became a perfect tourist attraction.

The positive sound that setups the fourth track on this Eisenlager adventure makes me feel as the trip is back on schedule with a fine rhythmic synthetic loop that swings and even a little appearance of what seems to be ‘the sound of music’. The melody that started the positivity repeats itself to make sure we as listeners could all be enjoying a fine wobbling moment of friendliness.

In the next audio take Eisenlager seems to have captured the sound of traveling by airplane. The magical moment of luggage that goes on the check in roller coaster, the sounds of other airplanes that are on the way to tropical locations and of course the magical moment of flying with a firm rhythmic experimental techno groove that makes the time of the trip go by in a way it’s most comfortable. Enough space for the feet, animated music in the depth hinting of the fantasy of the unknown next destination while the heads of travelers are bouncing with the groove that our German producer so kindly created for our pleasant and comfortable flight.

The crazy summer track enters and I feel like we are not at a tropical location but more trapped at a place where they have a compactor for demolishing garbage, or perhaps a restaurant in the middle of a ‘work in progress’. It’s one of those summer vacations in which it rains when you want to go out sunbathing and the place you want to eat food with your family is being closed down and swung in a compactor for decomposition purposes. Crazy summer indeed.

Oh well if we can’t have a proper cozy dinner it’s okay to place the family close to the radio and try to receive some channel that might interest is all enough for a moment of relaxation. Which one shall it be? The station with experimental static? The one with the classical melodramatic piano? Or perhaps talk radio? As it is in the German language we tune into static.

With the pleasurable help of imagination and the composer skills of Eisenlager the soft noise begins to form crackles of comfort and a composition of minimalism and dust forms that is like listening to shimmering rhythmic dance track without being a clear dance track. It brings a fine feeling of warmth and it’s here that we can realize that we don’t need to go through all the hassle of traveling for a vacation as we can just sit next to a pair of speakers with an open mind listening to music like the ones on this fine release.

Finding this knowledge out is enough to let Eisenlager bring a banging industrial beat on which we can roll and travel. It’s a better transportation system than sitting in a car or on top of a elephant and for some reason the view is just as imaginable as going on a safari in a jungle that seems metallic but human enough to bring some unexpected German folk music along. A strange trip but it’s a strange summer so we can’t complain.

And the vacation feeling of relaxation really comes out over in track number ten. A wonderful calm ambient soundscape that is lengthy enough to give us the real recreational lazy feeling we all love when going for a resting vacation. After more than 17 minutes of relaxation we can all feel energized for the last parts of our trip with Eisenlager.

And it’s good to be refreshed as the hammering slow rhythm of the next track might remind people of working with a hammer. A male voice sings a song that sounds like he didn’t plan to going home so quickly and had definitely no plans to start working already. He moans of his faith but also realizes that without doing work a vacation would not be as appreciated as without having to work.

And with this information and the fact that we have reached the final tune on the album; party time has kicked in. A funky loop with a rubber sounding sound and a closed high-hat, church like singing and a funky high tone we are all setup to raise the alarm for a rave that we shouldn’t forget! A hardcore base kick pumps in and all ravers unite in one big pumper to have a excellent time in! Who can resist hardcore beats and funky samples to dance too? I’m off dancing and celebrating but before I leave; here is a link to this adventurous and vary varied album by Eisenlager:

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