Laura Weixelbaum – Terra Tremuit

artist: Laura Weixelbaum
title: Terra Tremuit
cat: Petroglyph259
keywords: experimental, vocals, spoken word, poem, fieldrecording
label: Petroglyph Music
reviewer: Willem van O.

Laura Weixelbaum is expressing herself with her voice. You might think at first that it is of a general opera kind, but her expressions gets more weirder the more you go through it. From alternative yodeling to the legendary performance of a strangled cat to the difficult to achieve vibrato voice with hanging vocal chords that express spoken words as if it is reading loudly the stories from out of a holy book spread out of a tiny tower straight onto mp3. It’s a intensive experimental way of vocal use that sometimes sounds as if her voice is a machine gun that shoots the air out of her lungs with every phrase that she launches out of her throaty.

After nine minutes her voice suddenly gets a little intermezzo of experimental bliss with alternative creepy sound manipulation that create a  ghostly atmosphere. When they both come together; Laura Weixelbaum expression becomes even more intensive on her throat,  making me at times feel like I’m listening to the singer strangling herself and than happily ‘lala-ing’ it away. It’s a intensive performance that gives the listeners who dared to patiently sits through a kind reward by her singing in a less bizarre way. It’s a moment towards the ending that the experimental singer sounds more comfortable and peaceful until she puts the pressure up again and spreads out her last words in a way that could come from a holy but spiritually dark place.

In the second chapter the singer goes more for a clearer spoken word, speaking with a certain passion of long lost times and making each sentence sounding as if they are the most important thing to hear. It’s a grotesque feeling that my ears get and I feel like being very small and little while this phenomenal performer puts down every word in a strangely lush way. The release came with a note saying it could be felt as ‘erotic’ but I feel it’s more lush and kinda intimidating how it comes across. I bet seeing and hearing ‘Laura Weixelbaum live on stage somewhere would be a unforgettable experience as even just in pure audio form you can see a grandiose aura shining through. Hear Laura Weixelbaum her ”Terra Tremuit’ release over here:

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