Linda – Karma Clinic

Artist: Linda
Title: Karma Clinic
Keywords: devotional, guitars, ladies, mid-fi, western

Linda our head of Comment is a regular commenter and I always feel like I want to answer her comments but can’t think of a responsible reply.
That’s why I have sworn to find all the musical Linda’s in the world to be reviewed over here just because they are occupying the same name as our very own Linda. Yeah I Know It Sucks conceptual wise, but for some reason it helps as well to expand the mind and hear other music that might not be featured if it wasn’t performed under this interesting name.

So that’s why within this post it’s a bit about this western cowboy sounding ‘Linda’. It’s music is a bit slow and I guess more for romantic shuffling in a Saloon with romance among the participating cowboys and cowgirls than a proper set of line dancers holding their belts and cowboy hats in sync while they follow their routines of stepping to the left, right, front and tip tapping their heels and toes before turning around with a fabulous handclap.

Or perhaps these two tracks by this specific ‘Linda’ is more of a drowsy kind that could be found in a country and western bar on the outskirts of nowhere with a handful of customers that sleep with their heads on the bar, some might play Poker or snooker and other just stare at a empty beer glass wishing that it was full.

I’m not sure a real life Linda would appreciate it, or at least not sure if our head of comment would be thrilled to hear her name being occupied by this western Linda. But who knows! After all a real life Linda might enjoy completely other things than a person that has a different name. And besides its kind of sexy to have a name attached to some kind of dude that plays a guitar in a far away world with horses and lassos or a chair that stands proudly on the picture above. Is it ready to receive the buttocks of Linda, or will she turn the seat away and goes out to watch non-name-related bands a festival named Incubate?

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6 Responses to Linda – Karma Clinic

  1. Linda says:

    Linda can appreciate Linda, I’d be one of these peeps playing poker 🙂
    Moreover that chair looks delicious! The colour, the state, the cushi(o)ness… I’d probably be seated transverse, having my legs hanging over one of the armrests with some extra cushions (the armrests look like they’d be a bit hard and pointy).

    It ís the perfect chair to listen to Linda, Linda choose it well (as the rests of the interior… the blue chair looks nice too, cute blocky carpet in front of the bed. If that’s be my room, it’d be happy!)

    Btw is there any Yikis representation (writers, blog visitors, reviewées) on Incubate on Sunday? It’d be fun to have a drink (I hope the wisk(e)y is affordable :D) and make some comments on Incubate 🙂

  2. kainobuko says:

    Unless Willem van O. can get permission of his mother Beatrix van O. he might attend, but don’t count on it… I guess you will be the one for the job. Send your ‘Incubate’ review/impression and I’m sure we can add some extra stars to your title of ‘head of comment’ 🙂

  3. eternitytr33 says:

    Just listened to this very enjoyable music, thank you for sharing !!

  4. kainobuko says:

    Hi Linda, excellent that you have survived it. Please mail your findings to giftige_kip monkeytail for exclusive hugs and praises

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