Shattered Hymen – Surrounded By Wolves

Artist: Shattered Hymen
Title: Surrounded By Wolves
Cat: nihil 49
Keywords: experimental, computer, harsh, noise, HNW, psychedelic-noise
Label: Nihilistic Recordings

I was just exploring a lovely fantasy until ‘Shattered Hymen’ (aka Vadim Sprikut) crashed in and shattered my fantastic thoughts with a interruption consisting of glass shattering noise. Out went my dream of being a cat in cat paradise and scoring major hits with my meowing cat friends.

The glass shattering of fantasy interruption might be a bit rude but it was self inflicted; nobody had forces me to press play and listen to this debut album of this ‘Shattered Hymen’ and besides its a nice wake up to focus back on reality.

A reality that sounds quite distorted, especially in the audio way. It also feels excited as someone mad is redecoration the house (let’s say trashing all the furniture inside) in a nicely done act of rage. For us listeners it’s a wake-up call but I guess the real shock will be for the home owner when realizing that his home has the new ‘it looks like a bomb just exploded’ look of the house-styling season.

I guess that the new wild home decoration trend can do with some color and the modern day odor of sound that violently can be spayed out of the home redecorator’s bunghole. It just keeps the shock of shattered fantasy going and when the action features enough rumble of hardcore shit, the place would be paved with a thick layer of a costly flow of unstoppable human diarrhea. If we can believe the track title of this audio proof of this happening; it is especially the ‘labor table’ that gets the full treatment.

After all the smell of brand new home decorating it is a good idea to do something outside in the garden.
The brave artistic eye for the modern household has a great inspirational idea to bring the garden more alive & to abolish the dull place that it was before. The idea of “shattered Hymen’ is simple; add wild hungry wolves in the garden between all the trashed and tossed out furniture that we had experienced before within the brutal new way of home decorating. Now the wolves will make the noise by going through the rumble, the broken chairs, mashed up tables, remains of cupboards,

90 minutes on 40 fags a day’ is somehow a controversial title: it can be read with different sets of mind, the first one would be a reference to a gay porn and the second one that comes to mind is the case of a strangely timed cigarette smoker. I’m not sure which one ‘shattered hymen’ had in mind as both situations could be somehow applied to the music as a good soundtrack for it. Perhaps even the combination of 90 minutes of sitting on 40 homosexuals while smoking a cigarette for each one could be a good fit for the music that can be heard. It’s like a wild raw sexy roar that vibrates continuously until it gets very loud and almost too painful too handle. And when it is getting too much the ‘shattered hymen’ will smash the place in, piss all over the floor with a high pressure to extinguish the fire that either one of the cigarettes or the sexy hot scene had started. It’s one wild action that will safe the place from burning down.

After having all the place in a state of a mess it’s good that the ‘shattered hymen’ stick around to bring one final finishing touch with a work named ‘Folie e deux’. The water hoses splatter the urine away, the glass pieces, the rumble and the left over trash that was somehow still untouched by this wild touch of radical home styling will get the a full doses of sound aggression with enough electric decency that the walls will be brown and burned like a fresh Art Deco boutique interior. Decide well if you want these radical home decorators redecorating your living space, but if you do; there is no way back as they restyle everything until it makes your ears ring from the exposure of how ‘shattered hymen’ works and does its thing.

Back in the days this drastic form was available on a cassette tape, but as the fellows sold out as if they are chocolate cookies; these wild views and expressions are now available on the digital market:

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