Wram – Torn Memory

artist: Wram
title: Torn Memory
keywords: noise, harsh noise, experimental
label: Charlotte Sometimes https://charlottesometimes.bandcamp.com
reviewer: Mark X

Wram rams it up in the face with a high beep and than a whole collection of wild fuzz.
It doesn’t stop in the ‘Other’ track, and perhaps even gets a bit more heavier, wilder & sharper. It gets more in the corners of the ‘ouch zone’. You know the ‘ouch zone’? It’s like when the ears wants to bleed without having their period. But bleeding ears will not happen as the pressure of the ‘music’ that Wram’ so delicately forces upon them is turned so loudly inwards that if there is any blood; it would stream and drip inside the skull and not outwards.

A great relief really because cleaning up blood stains is not an easy task. Another positive note is that the tracks by Wram are so loud that even if your hearing system is slipped up with a slight bloody blockage; you will still be able to hear as the pressure of sound will go through anything. It might even go through your very own ‘Memory’ section of the brain and rips it all apart. That perhaps can be two sides of the story as on a certain note forgetting such a gruesome loud attack of noise might be pleasant for future happening, but you might lose all other fond memories too. They will probably join the bloody mess that is still weeping inwards, sliding down the back of the throat. Even listening to a track like ‘Slut’ will not give you the comfortable moment in which the tears of blood can find the time to dry up. It’s quite the forced fist upon your ears this release by Wram. In fact the logo of the label that released it would be a perfect graphic to tell you how this release sounds like.

The logo of the ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ label

It isn’t the longest ear-fisting-fuzz session on the planet, making this more like a forceful ‘quickie’ than one that you need to take a day break from. The label describes it as ‘Short & sweet !!!’ which implies that you definitely shouldn’t overlook the explanation marks. If this is what you want to hear, than nobody is going to stop you:

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2 Responses to Wram – Torn Memory

  1. Linda says:

    There seems to be an extra character in the link to band-camp (simply removing ‘%C2%A0’ from the address bar has it fixed).

    I am one for keeping the noise session to quickies, it’s a powerful experience and if it takes quite long I cannot listen to it anymore. Listening with earphones btw, that contributes too. And I like the sound and size of this one!

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