jjoth – 4ervie

Artist: jjoth
title: 4ervie
cat: MBR-124
keywords:lowbit, lobit, lo-fi, experimental tecno, tribal
label: Microbit Records http://lautpoesie.narod2.ru/Microbit_Records_label/
reviewer: Leo Obit

Jjoth is the big pusher of the lobit sound of 8kbps. He pushes it on his own label 8Ravens to listeners with a wide assortment of free releases all in this practical quality. But he pushes this sound even further down the road, visiting places and dropping stuff on other labels other than his own. Back in the fine glorious days that the legendary Russian lobit label Microbit Records was in top form there was this nifty little appearance of this fabulous 8kbps sound legend. He pushed and pushed the famous lobit sound until the 8kbps became 64kbps! Jjoth parked his flag in the label’s catalog with an authentic free release of at least nine minutes and in stereo. A perfect timed micro release.

The name of the release is ‘4ervie’ and has this eerie looking cover of a meal that if you eat it, you wouldn’t forget it. It’s a bit like these nine minutes of lobit sound; if you eat it, you won’t forget it. It’s a sleazy sounding dance step track that has a dirty vibe in my mind, a bit sarcastic even. The last remark might be just coming from the laughing voice that sounds as if it is pointing a finger to the listener and slightly takes the piss of you being the listener. The deep flubberation that functions as the melody is keeping the rolling vibration between the steady laid back beat that will go on until the laughing voice has a serious reason for laughing; mainly the pathetic quickly slow motion dance moves that you might engage in. A great recommendation to make the laughing voice even laugh louder is by playing this track while showering in the stuff pictured in the artwork. Falling over banana peels with your face inwards a fresh cream pie might also do the trick.
But all suggestions and Easter egg tricks aside: ‘4ervie’ is something that stays forever in the Microbit Records catalogue as a piece of its own, laughing towards anyone who hops in and wobbles its way out. Let me point out a finger at me, you and the link below and shake it all round:

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