The Future Scares Me – Play Dumb (video)

theartist: The Future Scares Me
title: Play Dumb (video)
keywords: electronic, indie pop, pop, alternative, stripped-down, singer-songwriter, pop

Gigantic traffic jams of humans in lengthy lines in order to buy a telephone. Genetic manipulated cornflakes killing all the buzzing bees. Europe as a part of Russia. Grey hairs popping up on the person at the other side of the mirror..
Yep, the future scares me..

Being in a dark place called a mother’s womb. Pooping in a diaper and dinosaurs. Knights & caveman with swords and clubs. The invention of the wheel.
Yep, the past scares me just the same.

But luckily in the ‘now’ that is today, the ‘Future Scares Me’ got rid of my fears for the future by giving it name-wise a positivity that shoves all the scary things that could happen under a carpet. How do they do this and to whom can you go if you too have a future-phobia, and want to make your life less fearfull?

The answer is ‘Sonia Szajnberg’ and ‘Eli Sundelson’ who are the proud parents of the band that work under this specific name. Together with drummer ‘David Christian’ they are like a magical team of musical therapists although in their latest video they came up with a powerful antidote for this future-phobia without a drumkit or drummer around.

It’s a wonderful song named ‘play dumb’, a concept that title-wise is something we at YIKIS are quite familiar with, but in the case of this as music; it is a clear refreshing and lovely experience. The video that captured Sonia & Eli performing this song live in the studio is something on its own powerful enough to make the future a less scary place. It’s proof that with limited means and a soulful connection between these two musicians (and their excellent choice of sound) something very honest and beautiful can be formed.

I listened and watch this song in the morning while the birds just started to wake up and the early sun rays came down to get rid of the shadows and all round darkness of the night (the past) before. It became in combination with this performance of ‘The Future Scares Me’ a moment in which the tiny hairs on my skin raised up emotionally. They were obviously captivated by the magical music and so gracefully greeted the new arrival of another day, aka ‘the future’. As long as ‘play dumb’ plays I felt not scared for what the rest of the day may or may not become.

The voice of Sonia was like the audio version of my favorite wine of a very good year; warm, honest and humane. Her tones swirled around on the eager friends that might be coming across (compared to most bands that go for a alternative sound) as minimal, but as I noted down earlier the choice of sound makes it at the same time as full and pretty as it could be. Her voice is so clear and pleasant that it goes inside the heart from human upon human.

The visual aspect of seeing her fingers play a micro-korg (a instrument that was once mine but got stolen and blabla personal drama in the past..) did make me feel even more emotionally attracted to the all round sound of the song. But the fingers of Eli Sundelson who did his part of the track so tremendously on his own sound machine, was like an personal open-mouth staring competition in which my eyes watched his fingers play and his fingers watched me back to see if I kept paying attention.

His part of the music is the one that seemingly was carrying the song and the sound. together with the magnificent honesty in which you can hear that the vocalist isn’t in there to impress anyone but makes music for herself (and if you dig it; that’s a plus!) can be saluted and praised with great joy as with this performance ‘The Future Scares Me’ created their own sound and way of music. Which is something not easy in a world in which many bands copy-cat each-other as if they are rolling out from a clone factory from the (than again) scary future.

All in all this ‘review’ became a bit of a lengthy oddity of personal expression but it felt the right thing to do when hearing these two personalities doing their own thing. I love to ‘play dumb’ and I love ‘The Future Scares Me’ performing ‘Play dumb’ and if you are still here reading this you should play ‘play dumb’ too and get rid of your future-phobia once and for all:

For more information or to keep in touch and track them down at one of their live shows, please do visit their official website over here:
or get in touch / befriend and be amazed with them on futuristic places like:
Facebook , twitter , Sonic Birds , Youtube , Vimeo & Soundcloud

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